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Layout: Giles - I'll be your Watcher


live preview l image preview

» works with -- Free, Paid & Sponsored
» comment pages -- paid/sponsored accounts only

instillation instructions

1. designate a website in your user profile!  then go to your Customize page and set your style to S2 & save changes.

2. go to Look And Feel and select Flexible Squares & then scroll down to Themes and select (Layout Default), then save changes

3. go to custom options and

- click "Text"  and change Link text to leave a comment to "Comment?" and Link text to read comments to "1 // #"
- click "Sidebar". Make sure Show the sidebar?  is set to Yes and Set sidebar position to Right.
- under Title of the blurb sidebar box type "About Me", or whatever other title you would like. In the box below type about yourself.
- make sure Show the link list in the sidebar? is set to Yes if you would like the Links visible. To customize these, go here.
- set Show the calendar in the sidebar? to Yes if would like the Calendar to be visible. Change the order of the sidebar in the boxes below.

click "Custom CSS"  and copy & paste the CSS text below into the giant box labled Custom stylesheet & save changes
Make sure "Use layout's stylesheet(s)" is set to Yes! This is very important.

5. choose which icon you'd like to have below and upload to your userpics

6. please put the following credits in your user info page!  Stylesheet by refuted, Artwork and Customizations by katekat1010

You're done!

seperate artwork
(you're free to use these even if you don't download the layout!)


Tags: art rating: worksafe, art: banner, art: layout, giles only, z_creator: katekat1010

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