Katy (multishipper, no apologies) (secondalto) wrote in summer_of_giles,
Katy (multishipper, no apologies)

Fic: Comfort Giles, Xander FRM (1/1)

Summary: Xander goes to see Giles, they drink, they talk, they cry.
Spoilers: The Gift
Distribution: Want, take, have; just let me know.
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, they never will be, and this is not for profit, just for fun, not infringement is intended.
Beta: my goddess, antennapedia. Any mistakes left are my own.
Author's Notes: Preslash if you really squint. Warning for alcohol consumption.

Follow the cut
Tags: fic type: stand alone, giles/xander, rating: r/frm, z_creator: secondalto

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