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Fanmix: "Early Days": unrated.

Thanks for letting me join in at short notice!

I have two fanmixes for our favourite librarian, Rupert Giles.

This first mix covers the period of his life before he came to Sunnydale - speculating about his schooldays and encounters with Ethan Rayne - and also his early relationship with Buffy, Jenny Calendar, and the rest of the Scooby Gang.

The cover is a word document, included in the second zip file - you just cut it to fit a CD jewel case.
Jpegs are also included.

Giles Fanmix: Early Days

Please leave a comment if downloading, and do please let me know if there's any problem with the download - don't be shy now!

Early Days: tracklist

I’m Not Like Everybody Else: The Kinks
Eton Rifles: The Jam
Waterloo Sunset: The Kinks
Brighton Rock: Queen
All the Young Dudes: Mott the Hoople
Green Manalishi: Fleetwood Mac
Lola: The Kinks
Sweet Jane: Velvet Underground
Better Off Dead: Elton John
Forest Fire: Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
He is an Englishman (from HMS Pinafore): Gilbert and Sullivan
Oh You Pretty Things: David Bowie
Strange Little Girl: The Stranglers
I’m Afraid of Americans: David Bowie
If She Wants Me: Belle and Sebastian
Life Less Ordinary: Carbon Leaf
Behind Blue Eyes: The Who
Brighter than Sunshine: Aqualung
Ballad for Dead Friends: Dashboard Prophets

Please support the artists
Artwork by Lostgirlslair

Here is a link to the second mix, Latter Days
Tags: art: fanmix, z_creator: trepkos

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