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FIC: "Blade" FRAO G/OMC 1/1

TITLE: Blade
AUTHOR: Helena K.
PAIRING: Giles/Davies (OMC; a Davies!Verse fic)
DEDICATION: To Daddy ... for memories of intense pleasure.
WARNING: M/M slash, kink
SUMMARY: It's hot. So hot. How is Giles coping? Almost a PWP.
TIMELINE: Post Chosen, 2007, real time
NOTE: "Speech"
Emphasis in thought or speech
DISCLAIMER: The characters belong to Joss and a whole bunch of alphabetical entities. I know the Polish alphabet. Not the same thing. Not for profit, just fun.
FEEDBACK: Lay it on me, but keep it cool!
DISTRIBUTION: Posted to summer_of_giles and my LJ; anybody else, please ask.

Rupert Giles opened the carefully wrapped package with trembling fingers. He withdrew the white ceramic blade with reverence. It was so sharp he wouldn't need to bother sliding his thumb across it, not unless he wanted to slice his flesh.

He shivered in anticipation. It had been years ... decades since he'd indulged in this practice. But, though the desire had lain dormant all these years, he hadn't forgotten how intense the pleasure was ... afterward.

Initially, Giles had put the package away, waiting for an appropriate time to use it. This appeared to be the right day. It had been hot ... so hot in Bath. The weather patterns in Britain had been severe in their fluctuations. Davies had been away for nearly a week but would be returning in the late afternoon. Giles wanted to surprise him.

He knew he had enough time.

A hot bath first to open the pores ... soften everything.

And then ... on to business.

He stared at himself in the full-length mirror, admiring the better-than-average body shape reflected in the glass. Sporadic training with the Slayers had been worth the occasional bruise and ache, if it kept his waist this trim.

As he conducted a leisurely inventory of his body parts, his cock began to fill, thickening, seeming to be equally interested in the view. Giles paid it no special attention, knowing that he had much ground to cover. He started with his legs, then arms, then the chest and belly. Finally, he turned his attention to his straining cock and full balls, finishing with any bits in hard to reach places. He stepped back and looked at his image again with a critical eye. He was satisfied. //Good. I haven't lost my touch.//

The thought of touch was almost too much to bear. He wanted to stroke himself, but didn't dare. This was supposed to be a surprise for Davies who would, by his watch, be home in less than an hour. There was just enough time to towel off gently, put the implements away and move the mirror back to its customary position in the bedroom.

"Giles, I'm home." Davies's voice echoed through the empty first floor.

"Up here."

Davies smiled as he bounded up the stairs, eager to see his lover after an absence of too many days. His progress came to an abrupt halt as he spied Giles lying in bed. "You aren't ill, are you?" He hated to think that his lover had been suffering during his absence.

Giles shook his head. "No, no such thing. I just thought I'd give you a proper welcome when you returned."

Davies stepped closer to the bed, unsure. The lighting in the room was dim. "I can't put a finger on it, but there appears to be something different about you."

Giles licked his lips and murmured, "Then I suppose you'll just have to come closer to find out."

Davies began to strip off as quickly as possible, not caring where any of the clothing landed. He wanted to ... needed to be in bed with this man. Now.

His eyes grew impossibly wide when Giles turned the covers down. He stammered, "You're ... you've ...." He was unable to finish.

Giles's smile in reply was hedonistic, almost predatory. "Yes, I am. Do you like it?"

"I don't know. I've never seen ...." Words failed him.

"But it's not just about the seeing. Don't you want to touch me?"

Davies gulped, wondering whether a panther had possessed his partner who had languidly splayed his legs apart on the bed while stroking a reddened nipple with one hand and his impossibly larger-than-life erection with the other.

The erotic vision waited patiently until Davies whispered in awe, "You're magnificent."

"Only because of you, luv."

The temporary haze lifted from Davies's head and he lunged at Giles, needing to press his entire body against the other's incredible smoothness. An eager tongue and lips followed the trail that fingers had defined.

It was an overwhelming experience. Not only the skin, but also a lingering scent of cinnamon. Suddenly, Davies stopped paying homage to the body before him, frowning with a lingering air of suspicion. "Where'd you go to have it done?"

Giles chuckled in response. "Don't be daft, man. I did it myself earlier today."

Davies raised his eyebrows. "Everywhere?"

"Oh, yes." Giles cupped his balls in emphasis.

Davies was close to stammering again. "Ah ... well ... well ... good, then. You've a steady hand. It's obvious to see." He felt like a virginal schoolboy.

"I always did. Now, enough talk. I did this for your benefit. When you fuck me, you'll know I'm as smooth and slick on the outside as I'll be around your cock."

At this point, Davies decided that talking, though pleasurable, was highly overrated and pushed Giles down. As he made to reach for the side table, Giles stopped him. "No need. I've already prepared myself."

"But, I'm ...."

"Don't worry. I'm wet enough ... for the both of us."

Davies moved between the spread thighs and was soon engulfed within the welcoming depths of his lover. He was amazed to see how responsive Giles was and the visuals were exquisite. In comparison, he felt like a hairy beast.

Giles was disturbed to see the grimace that clouded his partner's face. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just that I feel as if I've escaped from the monkey habitat at the zoo."

"Oh, luv, it wasn't my intention to make you feel ashamed of your body hair; I just thought you'd enjoy playing with me ... this way."

"Oh, I do. Believe me, I do." Davies put an emphatic thrust behind his words.

"Would you like to ... match me? We could do it tomorrow morning."

"Could you?" Davies had a bright eagerness in his voice.

"It would be my pleasure."

Of that Davies had no doubt. But he still hesitated. "But what about ...?"

"Don't worry. There are ways of reducing discomfort: a pumice stone, lotions and the like." Giles smiled to himself. He hadn't expected that his lover would embrace this particular body kink of his with so much enthusiasm. But, then, wasn't it better this way? They could shave each other ... excruciatingly slowly. And he'd never again have to contort himself into positions best left to the Cirque du Soleil!

Giles mock-glared up at his lover. "Now, shut up and fuck me proper."

As Davies hurried to comply, he was grateful that he had a lover who could surprise him ... from time to time. He hoped that these occasions would be more frequent than not. On the other hand, perhaps he would surprise Giles. Two could play at this game ... and he would.

Tags: fic type: slash, fic type: stand alone, giles/oc, rating: nc17/frao, z_creator: helenkacan

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