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Feedback ...Day!

Hi guys!  Ok, just so you know, it's all jet lag's fault!  Really!  That's why you're getting this set of feedback links on .. Wednesday.

That being said, it does not diminish one bit the fantastic contributions made by some incredibly talented people in the last 7 (or 8) days since our last feedback list was posted.  And I feel I should also tell you (and trust me, I'm mentally wailing NO!! at this) that we only have 7 days left of our summer schedule here at SOG.

What's that mean?  That means that if you didn't get the chance to read all of the fabulous contributions of the last couple of days, or look at the wonderful graphics, you should take a look now!  And remember, every time you feedback, a small child stops kicking the back of someone's seat on an intercontinental flight and they can get some rest!  (ok, not really, but wouldn't it be great if that were true?  What is true is that your feedback encourages our authors to write and our graphic artists to art... so the more you give them the more they work hard at what they do so well).

Now, the links:

I'd Also LIke to Test That Theory (G/Wes, PG13/R) by xandrew157  (links to all 4 parts)
Precious Burdens (G/Buffy, FRC) by xdawnfirex
Five Groupies (G/many, FRC) by xdawnfirex
Before Today I've Never Ridden On The MCA (Core 4 friendship, FRC) by xdawnfirex
Five Parts of a Story (G/Buffy, M) by xdawnfirex
Five Times Buffy Said Yes (G/Buffy, FRC) by xdawnfirex
Phone Encounters (G/Buffy, FRAO) by xdawnfirex
Candle Wax (G/Buffy, FRAO) by xdawnfirex
Not the End of the World (G/Xander, Mature) by reremouse  & savoytruffle
Happily Never After (G/Xander, FRT) by mireille719
Memory Will Hallow All (G/Wesley, R) by lostgirlslair
Memoirs of Loss (Giles gen, PG) by angryteabag
5 Times Giles & Buffy Reflected on Events in their Relationship (G/Buffy, PG13) by rumidha
Interlude (G/Wesley, FRAO) by larakailyn
Watcher in La-La Land (Giles gen, G) by zandra_x
Tabloid Troubles (G/Buffy, PG) by carlaland
Killing Time (G/Xander, FRAO) by mireille719
Giles' Sword (G/Buffy friendship, FRT) by gileswench

3 Willow/Giles Banners & 14 various icons by angryteabag
Giles/Fred, Giles/Lilah, Giles/Wes banners & icons by larakailyn
Icon bases (Giles only & Giles/Buffy) by scratchingpost1
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