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Fic - Five Times Buffy Said Yes - B/G - FRT

Just a little something to keep you all interested.

Title: Five Times Buffy Said Yes
Rating: FRC
Pairing: B/G
Disclaimers: Buffy & Co. belong to Joss Whedon, Kazui, Fox, etc.
Spoilers: Vague from The Prom forward.
Distribution/Archive: Ask first.
Feedback: Please
Summary: Pretty much what the title says.
Edit: Thanks to gileswench for the beta. :)

When she walked in, a vision in pink, he let out the breath he’d been holding for over an hour. She was alive, unhurt, and clearly victorious. Thank God. He was able to smile then, and to laugh, and to surreptitiously wipe away a tear of pride when her classmates presented her with a silly little award for Class Protector. She brought it to him afterward, and he expressed his mild astonishment. People surprise you, she said, and he agreed. Over her shoulder, he saw Angel at the door of the gymnasium. He looked back down into her eyes, and he asked her to dance. She said yes.

The day Buffy started college, he got a call from a friend, Olivia, who was going to be in L.A. on business and would love to drop by and reminisce. Since the only thing he’d ever done with Olivia had been to make the beast with two backs, he knew what it meant – it was what Xander crudely referred to as a booty call. He declined politely, his eyes on the framed photograph of Buffy on his desk. He picked up the phone and called her, asked her to dinner to celebrate her first day of school. She sounded harried and confused, but she said yes.

He carried her home after the fight with Glory. Her ankle was twisted, and although he was sure it would be fine in the morning, he was taking no chances now. They were both a bit dazed, and he wanted her near him. After she hobbled out of the shower, he made tea and came to sit with her on the sofa. They talked quietly for hours, sitting there together, holding hands, until finally he turned to her and laid his lips on hers. When they parted, he looked into her eyes and asked her if she was ready. She smiled and said yes.

She was covered in demon blood when he fell to his knees in front of her, wrapped his arms around her legs, and pressed his face against her belly. He had come so close to losing her, and the desperate adrenaline coursing through him made him shake. The sensation of her hands threading through his hair calmed him enough that after a few minutes, he was finally able to look up at her and tell her that waiting was over, it was time to grasp their lives with both hands and live. He fumbled in his pocket for the ring he’d been carrying for weeks. As he slid it onto her finger, she dropped to her knees beside him and said yes.

Her birthday had dawned dreary, as winter days in London tended to do, but they had enjoyed the day anyway, doing some sightseeing and a little shopping. They’d returned to the flat around noon, and a little after three, she had nipped down to the chemist’s for something she didn’t explain. He wondered, but asked nothing. She came home again, vanished mysteriously into the bathroom, and didn’t come out for several minutes. When she did, she was carrying a plastic stick and wearing a silly expression. He looked down at the two blue lines on the stick, then looked up at her and asked if she was. She leaned down and kissed him, and said yes.
Tags: fic type: het, fic type: stand alone, giles/buffy, rating: g/frc, z_creator: ishtaritu

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