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Feedback Monday!

Sorry guys - Japan has hit me with the super flu, so this feedback list is as little on the later side than usual... however!

That just means there's lots of goodness for you to revisit!!  So, remember, everytime you feeback you stop the polar ice caps from melting!  (well, not really, but you remind our posters that they're doing something good - and really, there's a WHOLE lot of goodness out there to remind them of!)

The Dance of Water and Stone (Giles Gen, FRT) Part 1, Part 2 by theblackmare
Marked (Giles/Ethan, NC17) by penknife
Rededication (Giles Gen, PG) by flyingcarpet
The Little-Known Pleasures of Cross-Referencing (Giles, FRM) by penwiper26
Readings (Giles/?) Part 1  by antennapedia
The Hard Land of the Winter (Giles/Xander, PG) by cordelianne
Always On My Mind (Giles/Ethan, R) Part 1, Part 2&3, Part 4,5, Part 6 by dragonydreams
Metaphorical Translations of Waking Expectations (Giles/Willow, PG13) by skull_theatre
A History in Drinks (Giles gen, PG) by secondsilk
Shaving Mirror (Giles gen, FRM) by tweedisgood
Frequent Flyer Giles (Giles gen) by alexao
Quia amore langueo Part 1 (Giles/Buffy, FRT) by mythichistorian  (links to future parts as they're being posted)


Giles Photo Manpis (Giles only & Giles/Ethan) by wickedfox
61 Giles icons (including Giles/Jenny, Giles/Willow) by psychoadept
Giles wall & Giles/Willow icons by dragonydreams
Giles & Giles/Wesly icons by literati
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