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FIC: (After Vegas), Vegas NV series (Giles/Xander, FRT)

Wait... did I say 'the end'?

I lied. Here, have an epilogue.

Title: (After Vegas)
Series: Vegas, NV
Author: soft_princess
Website: Fly With Me
Date: June 11, 2007
Word count: 2,187

Pairing(s): Giles/Xander
Rating: FRT
Disclaimer: Joss is God. He owns, I don't.
slash_100 Prompt: 099 - Writer's Choice
Spoilers/setting: AU. Follows What Happens In Vegas..., (In Between Trips to Vegas), & ...Stays In Vegas.
Summary: Larry was in a meeting when Xander showed up for work on Tuesday morning. Larry was never, ever, in a meeting that early in the day.

Warnings: none this part. This is very tame. *g* (well, okay, there are mentions of phone sex)

Link @ our_fic: Epilogue: Larry told Xander all about his weekend in Frisco with Andrew...
Tags: fic type: multi-part, fic type: slash, giles/xander, z_creator: soft_princess

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