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FIC: All Work and No Play III *Dreamland AU* (Giles/Wes/Xander, FRAO)

Title: All Work and No Play III
Series: Dreamland AU
Author: soft_princess
Website: Fly With Me
Date: July 5, 2007
Word count: 1,773

Pairing: Giles/Wesley/Xander
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: I don't own them, Joss does.
slash_100 prompt: 039 – Food
Summary: The door of the office might be locked, but someone could still interrupt them with a knock.

Notes: follows Red Zone by a few weeks.
Thanks to lostgirlslair for the beta.

Written for summer_of_giles.

All Work and No Play I
All Work and No Play II

Link @ our_fic: All Work and No Play III
Tags: fic type: multi-part, fic type: slash, giles/wesley/xander, z_creator: soft_princess

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