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Fic: Long Time (G/B) --Rated G

Well, here's my entry for SoG.

Title: Long Time

Author: Milk

Pairing: Giles/Buffy

Rating: G

Disclaimers: Nothing is mine. Neither the characters nor the movie reference belong to me.



 Long Time

Buffy’s arm hung around Giles’ neck as they both peered at the ancient text. “This um, right here? It’s the Arcrylian symbol for ‘love’.  I don’t believe this is what we thought it was after all.”


As her fingers began to play with the hair at the base of his neck, Giles’ breath hitched. Taking a quick look from the corner of his eyes, he could see how close she had actually gotten, her breast brushed against his arm as it laid over the book. The shirt she wore parted as she pointed towards another sentence on the page. “But doesn’t this right here mention the Arc of the Chest?”


“Chest?” Giles coughed as her fingers continued to massage the back of his neck and his eyes became transfixed on the flesh that peered from her chest.


“Are you alright? You’re looking a little flushed…”


“Yes, quite. It’s just gotten a little…warm in here.  Where were we? Oh, it’s Arcon the Quest.” Giles sat there, reading over the tale. Lost in thought as the story weaved on about finding one’s true love after facing what one would consider insurmountable odds.


With a few tugs, Buffy was able to regain his attention, “Hey, want to share with the class?”


“Sorry, it seems this isn’t a reference to the demons of Acrylia…” 


“But the contact said it was what we would need to see the truth. That little four eyed bastard lied to us. Wait until I get my hands on him…” In her tirade, the gentle massaging of his neck had stopped. Realizing Giles was staring at her, Buffy smirked. “sorry.”  Noticing where her hand was around his neck, she began to pull away.


“You haven’t done that in a long time.” Giles’ voice was low, almost a whisper as he watched her reaction.


Holding her hand with the other, like it had been burned, Buffy eyed him. “No, I haven’t have I? Sorry, guess I kind of forgot where I was.” As he sat back on the corner of his desk, she cradled the hand as she stared at it.


“I missed it.” Reaching over, he covered her hands with his, gently taking it and pulling it back to him. Their eyes locked as he slowly brought her palm up for a gentle kiss before replacing it back in her lap.



After a time, Buffy cleared her throat, “So what’s this book about then?”


Giles smiled, “It’s a book of fairy tales. Legends even, and this one in particular, is about finding one’s true love.  If I’m reading this correctly, it’s like one of the movies you used to watch all the time, the one with the giant rats?”


Buffy stared at him; a look of intense thought covered her face as she ran through the movie choices in her head. “Oh! The Princess Bride! Giant rats are the only thing you remember about that film?”


“Well it has been a long time since I’ve seen it; perhaps I need a refresher course?”


“It seems it’s been a long time since we’ve done a lot of things, doesn’t it?  I think a movie night is in order.”  Buffy’s eyes were hopeful, as she waited for his answer.


“How about tonight? Unless you have other plans…” 


“No. I mean, yes, tonight. No I don’t have other plans. So, it’s a date.”


“Date?” Giles’ eyes grew large.


As Buffy reached over to replace her hand to his neck, she drew him near, her breath washed across his face as she whispered, “Why not? Movie, junk food, darkness, a small couch…”


Giles considered the offer for a moment before answering, “As you wish.”



The End









Tags: fic type: stand alone, giles/buffy, z_creator: phandom_milkie

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