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What Are You Going To Do? (1/1)

Here is my July 4th entry for Summer_of_Giles. Have a fun and safe Independence Day for those in the States.

Title: What Are You Going To Do?
Name: Sloane
Email address:
Rating: G, nothing offensive that I could see.
Disclaimer: They are not mine; they belong to Joss and ME, only borrowing for some fun.
Word Count: 657
Time frame: After the fall of Sunnydale
Pairing(s): Buffy/Giles
Feedback: Yes, Please. I have some ideas for a sequel but, need to know if you want more.
A.N.: I have to thank Wide_Rider for the Beta, her insight and editing suggestions was much appreciated.


As Buffy Summers gazed on the crater that had once been her hometown of Sunnydale, California, a wave of elation washed over her. She no longer had to shoulder the burden of being the "Chosen One". There were Slayers awakening all over the world. Being surrounded by her family and friends as she took stock of her situation she made some decisions.

Buffy turned to Willow her dearest friend and smiled. “We are going to first find a hospital and get our wounded cared for.”

Next she hugged her sister Dawn and said, “We'll then find the biggest mall near there and do some shopping.” That statement earned her a smile from the teenager that had seen too much in the three years of her existence.

Still holding her sister she addressed Xander, “No, none of the stores will be forgotten nor will the people we lost today.” Xander smiled, which looked more like a grimace, as the loss of Anya, his ex-fiance, finally began to sink in.

Her eyes finally reached Rupert Giles her Watcher. She felt such relief at his surviving this ordeal that it almost brought her to her knees. Their Watcher-Slayer bond hummed with the intensity of her emotions and Giles drew a deep breath into his suddenly constricted lungs. With her blue eyes locked onto his green ones she approached the man that had been a part of her life for the last seven years. The others surrounding them fell away and they were the only ones there.

As she approached Giles she softly said, “We need to reform the Council, but there is none right now, correct?”

Never breaking eye contact with the woman that occupied every minute of his day since he was called to be her Watcher, Giles replied. “No, there is none right now and it would be best if we reformulated it.”

Buffy reached him as he said the last. They felt pulled towards each other and as Buffy reached up to pull Giles' head down to her, she muttered, “then there is no reason not to do this.”

Giles did not resist as she pulled him into a kiss. All the emotions they had for each other poured into the union of lips. Through the years the feelings for each other had changed; the strain of the last two weeks on their relationship had been the final adjustment as they became equals in each others eyes. No more Watcher-Slayer where Giles lead, he had abdicated that role to her. She had morphed into the "general" of their little army and by doing so had the insight to think outside the box and pull off the brilliance of their victory over the First's army. In the end it was the final change in their internal positioning in their strange relationship that had lead to this moment where the rest of the people around them had ceased to exist.

Giles changed the angle of his head intensifying the kiss. He swiped his tongue over her lower lip in request for entrance and with a moan Buffy obliged. As their tongues dueled for dominance Giles adjusted the height difference by picking the shorter woman up. The two pulled apart breathing heavily. They looked into each others eyes in shock. In stunned disbelief Buffy said, “I – I - I never re – re – realized I had those kinds of feelings for you until today.”

Chuckling at Buffy stuttering for a change Giles placed the petite, powerful woman back on her feet and cupped her cheek with his right hand, “I have been aware of them since your return and did not think you returned them.”

More love for her Watcher flooded into her and then they were reminded of their audience. Whistles came from the bus and their friends spoke at once.


“Way to go B.”

“I never saw that coming.”

“You're blind Xander, if you did not see it.”

TBC or not, let me know.
Tags: fic type: stand alone, giles/buffy, z_creator: briglss

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