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Recruit (1/9)

Fandoms: Buffy/HP
Canon Compliancy: Set in 2004; through Buffy season 8, issue 4; post-HBP
Pairing: Giles/Snape
Rating: NC-17, slash
Genre: Drama/Humor/Romance
Word Count: ~22K
Status: Complete; will be posted over July 2nd and 3rd

Summary: Slayers abounded, and even with new innovations in training and technology, the Watcher’s Council struggled to cope with the decimation of its ranks wreaked by the Bringers. Willow’s sudden return offered Giles the chance to discover much-needed new recruits. Yet nothing quite prepared him for one Severus Snape.

Disclaimer: Not mine; no money.

Thanks go to the wonderful firefly_124, who betaed for me (and commiserated that there weren’t enough Giles/Snape stories in existence, thus spurring this fic). Thanks as well go to the amazing saracen77, my Brit-picker, who kept Snape and Giles properly English, no matter how long the latter had lived in the States.

AN: This story is set in an imaginary lull after the first four comics. You don’t have to have read them to understand this, but there will be mild spoilers for the comics – less than you’d see reading Whedonesque.

My posting day got a little messed up, and I thank elizabuffy and katekat1010 for allowing me to post a few chapters of my fic today and the remainder tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1.
Tags: fic type: crossover, fic type: multi-part, fic type: slash, giles/other, z_creator: ubiquirk

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