Shapinglight (shapinglight) wrote in summer_of_giles,


Hi. It's my posting day today so here in my contribution. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it's not very summery.

Rating: Not good at deciding this but G probably.
Pairing: the very slightest hint of Giles/Ethan
Setting: An un-named city in Eastern Europe. This ficlet uses BtVS season 8 comics continuity. However, I've tried to keep too specific mentions of anything that happens in the comics to a minimum so it could be a hypothetical event that occurs post-Chosen. All that's important is that the last time we saw Ethan Rayne (in A New Man) he was being taken away by the Initiative for 're-education.'

Tags: fic type: stand alone, giles/ethan, z_creator: shapinglight

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