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Feedback Sunday!

Hi all!  EB and I were both out of our respective towns this weekend, but I'm back to let remind you of all the fantastic posts that happened at Summer of Giles!

And remember, every time you feedback the Oompa Loompas get a hour off work, so get those comments comming!  (Actually, not really, but you will make an author/artist very happy, so please consider leaving a comment, even if it's just a couple of words!)

Thrice (Gen, PG13) sonneta
Recovered (Giles/Buffy, FRAO) by ladyforash
Cruising (Giles/Surprise, FRT) by marie2love
If Strangers Meet (Giles/Spike, R) by ruuger
One Step Away (Giles/Buffy, R) by laurtew
Of Woe or Wonder (Giles/Ethan, R) by kindkit

Giles icon bases by scratchingpost1
More Giles bases by scratchingpost1
Giles the horseman layout by scratchingpost1
Giles/Buffy layout by scratchingpost1
Sexy giles layout by scratchingpost1
Giles icons by britwatcher
13 misc Giles icons by ruuger
50 Buffy/Giles icons by rumidha
Buffy/Giles graphics (manips, icons, walls) by catzen20
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