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Final Summer of Giles roun-up of the year

A bumper last week. My thanks once again to everyone who took apart this year.

+ Sundown (Giles, Willow, Riley, FRT) by punch_kicker

+ The Wedding of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense, Chapter 5: Blue Monday (Giles/Willow, Tara, FRT) by punch_kicker

+ The Tyranny of Numbers (Giles, Dawn, FRT) by aadler

+ A New Understanding (Giles, FRT) by cornerofmadness

+ A Second Chance (Giles, Faith, FRT) by aaronlisa

+ From Embers and Ashes: 4 Scenes (Giles, various, FRT) by dragonyphoenix

+ A Parisian Holiday ch2-4 (Giles/Cordy, FRM) by wakeupinacoma

+ BOOM! goes the Canon (Giles/Cordy, FRT) by wakeupinacoma

+ Begin Again (Giles, Cordy, FRC) by wakeupinacoma

+ Midnight Riding (Giles/Cordy, FRT) by gaiarheahera

+ To Have and To Hold (Giles/Cordy, FRT) by gaiarheahera

+ The Hunt (3/3) (Giles/Buffy, FRM) by littleotter73

+ Manip Vamp Gordy (Giles/Cordy, worksafe) by wakeupinacoma

+ Giles manips (Giles, worksafe) by 51kas81

+ Biffyverse Giles (Miffy) (Giles, worksafe) by double_dutchess

+ Art Manips (Giles/Cordy, worksafe) by gaiarheahera

+ Favourite ex (Giles/Cordy, worksafe) by wakeupinacoma

And done! See you all next year
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