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Weekly feedback list

Week two and lots of awesomeness!

We've had two sets of lovely manips: dashing Giles and Giles/Faith. Check them out!

Fic wise: He’s had a lot on his plate with Anyanka, he’s reflected on his wild past with Ethan, we’ve seen him through Willow’s eyes during a long night in the library, he’s taken Buffy to Scotland to help her with her need to hunt, he's had help from Quentin during another difficult night, he developed a serious bond with Faith, and he had one last tryst with Ethan - which might also have been a long night ;) .

Comments, however short, make a creator’s day. Please say hi if you’ve clicked on someone’s work and enjoyed it.

Hurricane Mitch (Giles/Anya, FRT) by stuffandnonsense

There Was No Future In England’s Dreaming (Giles/Ethan, FRT) by nothorse

living, learning, watching, burning (Giles, Willow, FRT) by rippergiles

The Hunt 1/2 (Giles/Buffy, FRT) by littleotter73

The Visitor (Giles, Buffy, Travers, FRT) by quaggy

Together (Giles/Faith, FRT) by lilruca

Lover come over/ Kick up the dust (Giles/Ethan, FRM) by aaronlisa

Ruper Giles suave manips (Giles, worksafe) by 51kas81

Giles/Faith icons and manips (Giles/Faith, worksafe) by lilruca

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