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Week Whatever-it-was-plus-a-bit

This *cough* week *cough* has been about the connections. Giles has tantalisingly met Ethan several first times. He’s dealt with the difficult connection with his mother. He’s reassessed his connection to Cordelia. After the battle has been won, he’s looked to improve his connection to Buffy and the scoobies. Buffy and he have made an early connection in their Watcher/Slayer relationship. Finally, he and Cordelia are introduced again.

As ever, PLEASE drop a line of encouragement to the authors and artists. It makes all the difference.

+ (We Could Have Had) Another Story (Giles/Ethan, FRT) by 23Murasaki

+ Paying Respects (Giles, his mum, FRT) by aaronlisa

+ Better Left Unspoken (Giles/Cordelia, FRT) by aadler

+ The Coming Storm (Giles, Buffy, FRT) by littleotter73

+ Biblio (Giles, Buffy, FRC) by quaggy

+ Hey, Stranger (Giles, Cordelia, FRC) by gaiarheahera

+ Manips Giles & Cordelia (Giles, Cordelia, worksafe) by gaiarheahera

+ Caption This Day (Giles, various, worksafe) by various
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