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We've had a strong start to this year's festival of all things Rupert Giles. Be sure to check out the artist's work and feedback.

Ficwise: Giles has kicked some sand, got the er… measure of Spike, had a pretty introduction to Ethan, entered the computer age and promptly had nightmares about it.

+ Sands of Time (Giles, group, FRT) by il_mio_capitano

+ Past Time (Giles/Spike FRM) by sparrow2000

+ The First Time (Giles/Ethan, FRC) by wakeupinacoma/EternalRedWolfe

+ The Bane of Rupert Giles’ Existence (Giles, FRC) by wakeupinacoma/EternalRedWolfe

+ Watchers Have Prophetic Dreams Too (Giles, FRC) by wakeupinacoma/EternalRedWolfe

+ Archaeologist Rupert “Indiana” Giles 1 (Giles Worksafe) by 51kas81

+ Archaeologist Rupert “Indiana” Giles 2 (Giles Worksafe) by 51kas81

+ Semper Vigilans (Giles Worksafe) by littleotter73

+ What Hurts The Most (Giles/Cordelia Worksafe) by wakeupinacoma

+ Who Are You? Discussion thread for creators to discuss their working processes.

This is an OPEN thread throughout June and July. Everyone is invited to join in and discuss how they approach their work and discuss this with peers.

This week we heard from littleotter73, il-mio-capitano, will_conqueror1, the_huffster, sparrow2000, and wakeupinacoma
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