Sally Ann (harmony033) wrote in summer_of_giles,
Sally Ann

Giles Haikus - G/FRC

(Sorry my post is so late on my date. I do not have access to my computer, so I'm adapting a bit. Mods please adjust my tags if you want!)

I present Giles haikus through the seasons! Enjoy!

Season 1

Analyze the text
Prepare and study, must know
Tweed uniform on

Season 2

Settle in routines
Is it love - follow the rose
Baseball bats and rage

Season 3

I hope she is safe
I will never stop looking
Always her Watcher

Season 4

Pour another scotch
Left behind with rubble
Miss the library

Season 5

Train more, focus more
It always has to be blood
I will sacrifice

Season 6

Loss of purpose now
Return home...what home is there?
She's a miracle

Season 7

Gather them safely
Face the last apocalypse
Goodbye Sunnydale

Tags: fic type: stand alone, giles only, rating: g/frc, z_creator: harmony033

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