my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote in summer_of_giles,
my monkied brain

Giles Day: Fic Recs!

Hi folks! Just a quick moderator note -- if you cannot make your posting day it is ABSOLUTELY FINE! We all know that real life sometimes just picks you up and runs away with you, or that sometimes the muse doesn't cooperate, or whatever. Please, if that is the case, contact your moderators and let us know. We have things set up for all of us to play on those days, and we're happy to use them.

Today we bring you Giles Fic Rec Day!


That's right, comment to this post and rec your favorites, rec the fics you think are the classics in their genres, rec the ones you go back to again and again. Most romantic? Please! Most hilarious? Yes!

Anybody looking for a fic? post a comment here and maybe your friendly members will help you find it? Like has anyone ever read a fic where Giles has a pet? I would like to read that!

(and if you can, give us links too so we can go enjoy the Giles ourselves!)
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