my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote in summer_of_giles,
my monkied brain

Once again - while the summer may be over - our hearts still carry our Giles close!

My Dear Giles!lovers,

There will be one last links roundup coming out as soon as I can code it, but after that we'll officially be closed for the summer. BUT, just because it's over for the moment doesn't mean we all disappear! In fact, maybe now is the time to take a couple of minutes and look at all the wonderful stuff WE ALL contributed this summer - the hidden gems and outright masterpieces, every word and image is wonderful.

Which is because of YOU guys. Thank YOU -- ALL of you -- for once again coming together, putting yourself and your artwork and your hearts out here, for your cheerleading and your commenting, for your smiles and your blood, sweat, and tears in all forms.

Your love and awesomeness shows in all the beautiful things you write and graphic and vid and meta and post to share for our com! Thank you for pumping blood into our dreams of Giles for another year with talent, grace, and awesomeness!

I know I've said it before, and I will totally say it every year, but once again this is proof that the people who love this show, and who adore our watcher, are some very fine people indeed. (and yes, this means YOU).

Thank you! Seriously, THANK YOU!

For this, for all your awesomeness, i have below the cut some presents. They are meant for YOU as a thank you. And as a reminder not only of how awesome you are but of how much I appreciate you all being willing to make this summer together. Please take one and enjoy it - it's not much, but it is meant to show you how much you are appreciated!












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