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Fic: A Watcher Always Notices

Title: A Watcher Always Notices
Author: horrorfangirl
Fandom: BTVS
Summary: What if it was Giles who noticed Buffy's scarf instead of Riley? How would he take it?
Timeline: Season 5 Buffy vs Dracula
Disclaimer: Joss, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century FOX own the characters. I just have this idea,don't sue
.You won't get much.
Rated: Teen

Rupert Giles was a man who took pride in his ability to noticed the little things about people and his Slayer in particular. So he had to admit that he found it rather odd to see Buffy wearing a scarf in late May.

The Watcher continued to stare at his Slayer, until Buffy asked; "Giles is something wrong? I mean, is there something on my face or what?"

"No. There's nothing on your face." Giles was quick to reassure hiss Slayer. "It's just I was wondering, is that a new scarf?"

Buffy started to fidget under her Watcher's gaze and she began to remove the scarf when Giles said: "Here let me help you."

Buffy gave Giles a sheepish grin. "It's ok, Giles. I can handle it". Still she made no move to take off the scarf. So Giles came to her and took the scarf from his Slayer.

Buffy closed her eyes to advoid the look of disappointment and sadness in her Watcher's green eyes. Giles took Buffy's chin and raised it to meet his eyes. "Buffy look at me." Slowly the Slayer raised her head to meet her Watcher's gaze.  "Giles, I'm sorry.." she began but was interrupted when there was a knock on the door.

Giles frowned. Who could that be? He thought as he went to answer the door. The Watcher's frown deepened when he saw that it was Riley, his slayer's boyfriend at his door.

"Hi, Mr. Giles sorry to bother you this afternoon, but is Buffy here?" The young man asked. Giles tried not to show his irritation with Riley, he really did.  So he nodded and said: "Yes, she here. Come in." He stepped aside to allow Riley inside the flat.

When Riley entered the living room he saw Buffy and smiled. "Hi, Buffy."

"Hey, Riley," Buffy replied with a small weave.

Riley frowned. "Buffy what's that on your neck?"

Buffy touched her neck self-consciously and sighed. "Dracula bit me." She said softly.

Riley stared at her, shocked, then shook his head. "Why can't I date a normal girl?" He a

Giles  could not believe what he just heard. Was the lad mad? He cleared his throat. Both Buffy and Riley looked at him. "Riley, I would like a word." The Watcher told the young man. The solider nodded. Giles smiled and together the two men went out to the backyard.

"We'll be right back. " He said to Buffy. She gave Giles a small smile, which the Watcher returned, but Riley said nothing. The men left the flat and went outside.  Once they were in the yard Giles gestured for RIley to have a seat. So the solider sat down on the chair opposite his host and asked: "Why are we sitting out here, Mr. Giles?"

"Because I need to ask you some rather personal questions I'd prefer that Buffy doesn't hear them. So can you keep this discussion to yourself?"

Riley nodded. "I promise, Mr. Giles I won't tell Buffy about this. So what do you want to know?"

Giles frowned, unsure where to begin. Well Old Man, if you're going to make an ass of yourself, best make it a complete one. He thought.

"What I want to know Riley is this: Have you noticed Buffy acting strangely while you two are together?" Giles asked; hoping that the lad had the sense to pay attention to the little things when it came to Buffy.

Unfortunately the Watcher found himself to be disappointed when Riley replied. "No, Mr. Giles I haven't really noticed anything wrong with Buffy." He shrugged his shoulders. "Should I have?"

Again. Giles couldn't believe what he was hearing. How could Finn be so blind? He too, hunted demons after all. Surely he would have noticed something!

"I'm sorry that I coun't be of more help to you, Mr. Giles." Riley told the older man. The solider glanced at his watch and said: "I should say goodbye to Buffy and again, I am sorry that I didn't noticed anything wrong with her earlier."

Giles sighed. "Thank you, Riley I really appreciate your honesty." He glanced at his watch. "Perhaps we should go back inside before Buffy starts to worry."

Riley nodded. "Sounds like a good idea." He gave Giles a smile. "We wouldn't want Buffy to think that we tried to kill each other. Right?"

"Right." The Watcher quickly agreed. He stood up and said: "After you, Mr. Finn."

The solider nodded and the two men went back into the flat without another word. When they re-entered the apartment the first thing Giles noticed was Buffy lying on the couch, a band-aid on her neck where her scarf used tGio be. She appeared to be asleep.

Riley was about to wake her, when Giles pulled him back. "I don't think you should wake her."
He said calmly. Riley looked at Buffy, then nodded remembering the one time he startled the Slayer and got a right cross for his trouble.

"Yeah, you're right, Mr. Giles. Look I have to go. Could you tell Buffy to call me later?" The young man asked the Watcher. Giles nodded.

"Yes. Certainly I will." He assured Riley. The solider smiled, then left.

As soon as Riley left Giles gently closed the door and went to sit next to his Slayer and waited for her to wake up. Ten minutes had passed when Buffy awoke and began to stretch her sore back. "Hey, Giles, how long was I asleep?"  Buffy sat up and asked: "Where's Riley?"

"He just left." Giles replied. "He asked that you call him later."

"Okay," Buffy said, with a shrug. Then winced as the band-aid pulled against her skin. "Ouch."

"Here let me help you change that." Giles offered, as he helped his Slayer to stand.

"Giles, it's okay. I can manage." Buffy told her Watcher. Giles gave her a Ripperish stare as he said.

"Buffy dear, do shut up."

Buffy shut up, stunned by the look her Watcher gave her. For a second she worried that there was still some cursed bandy candy lying somewhere in the flat. But when she looked into her Watcher's eyes all she saw was his concern and compassion.

And that gave her the courage to ask the one question that's been foremost on her mind ever since she walked into his home that afternoon. Would he have noticed if she left?

"Giles, I hate to ask this, but would you have noticed if I left your bed?" Buffy asked.

Giles took a deep calming breath, before he replied: "Yes, Buffy. I would most certainly noticed if you left my side."

This surprised Buffy so much in fact, that she blurted out: "Why? Is it because of the Slayer/Watcher thing or something?" Giles chuckled at her 'or something', then replied honestly.

"It's partly a Slayer/Watcher thing, but mostly it's because you're Buffy. Now come on, it's off to the hospital with you." Giles told his Slayer. Buffy scowled at him.

Giles is that really necessary?" Buffy asked. "I feel fine." Giles pinched his nose. There were many things he admired about Buffy, But right now her stubborn streak was not one of them.

"Buffy, please you've been bitten and you need a transfusion. Don't worry, I'll be with you the whole time."

"You promise?" Buffy nervously asked.

Giles took Buffy's face in his hands and whispered. "I promise."

Buffy smiled. "Thank you, Giles for noticing and well, for everything."

Giles smiled back. "You're welcome Buffy. Let's go, shall we?" And as he led Buffy away, Rupert Giles  made a vow to always notice his Slayer no matter what.

The End

Tags: fic type: het, fic type: multi-part, z_creator: horrorfangirl

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