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FIC: One Mistake Changes Everything - Giles/Buffy - FR-T - Living Arrangements - 12 of ?

This is a continuation of my submitted work for SOG 2013.

As the title states, mistakes can be a life changing event. What starts as friendship can become something more.

A/N I wasn't sure of the direction this story was going to go but as you can see I have changed it to a Giles/Buffy story. The rating remains at FR-T unless my naughty muse steps in.

Chapter 12 – Living Arrangements

Giles felt pinned in place. As he slowly opened his eyes he saw a mop of blonde hair on his chest, he felt an arm over his stomach and a leg over his lower torso. He stirred as she snuggled closer. Bloody hell, I knew this was a bad idea. His mind raced with ideas on how to extricate himself without waking Buffy when he heard Aria’s cries.

They both lept out of bed, Buffy making a bee-line to the nursery while he stopped to grab his robe. He was tying the belt as he entered over the nursery threshold. Buffy was already there with Aria in her arms. Trying to calm the wailing infant. 

“She will probably quiet down once she’s changed, Buffy.” He said with a touch of irritation in his voice.

“Oh … yeah,” she said groggily. “Could you, I’ve really gotta use the bathroom.” She handed Aria to Giles and left the room.

The first thing he noticed was Aria wasn’t just wet she was messy and soaked through. Giles laid her on the changing table. In his half awake state he grabbed some clean clothes and set them close by so he could do a quick change. He removed the infant gown, t-shirt and soiled diaper. Just as he was grabbing for the baby wipes she began to pee. It went all over the changing table pad and everything on the table including the clothes he had pulled out for her to wear. He now had a naked Area lying in a puddle of pee. Giles spread a receiving blanket over his chest and proceeded lift Aria to his chest wrapping her snugly in the blanket. After grabbing some baby wipes a diaper and clean clothes he brought her to his room and finished changing her on the bed.

From his position on the bed he heard Buffy’s voice come through the baby monitor. “What the …!” She came into the bed room. “Giles, what the hell happened in there? It looks like a mini tornado came through?”

“More like a tidal wave; don’t worry I’ll clean it up whilst you feed her.” he gave a kiss to the top of the infant’s head as he handed her to Buffy. 

Before going to clear the mess he took care of his need for the restroom. He came back to the nursery and began to clear the changing table. Glancing over toward Buffy he saw she had her head back, with her eyes closed. She looked utterly wiped.

Giles put a clean changing pad on the table then decided that if Aria was that wet then she must have soaked her bed too. After checking and confirming she had indeed a thoroughly soaked bed; he stripped the crib of its sheets and mattress cover; putting down fresh ones in their place. Grabbing the soiled items he headed out the room; looking back he noticed Buffy had fallen asleep and Aria was attempting to latch on again but the angle was wrong. He set the dirty laundry on the floor and went over to Buffy. 

Setting a steadying hand on Aria he woke Buffy by gently shaking her shoulder. “Buffy luv, why don’t you take Aria into the bed? You can nurse her there and I’ll be up after I’ve thrown the laundry into the washer.”

Taking the infant from her arms he followed her out the door and into the hall. He was surprised when she turned left. He had expected her to turn right, to go to her room. “Buffy, your room’s the other way.”

“Yeah, but you’ve got a bigger bed.” She said in a sleepy slur.

Before lying on the bed and not thinking about Giles being in the room; Buffy removed her pajama top then got comfortable on her side. “Lie her right here.” She indicated where she wanted Aria laid next to her. 

Giles did his best not to let his eyes linger on Buffy’s half naked form; he positioned Aria as best he could. With a little maneuvering on Buffy’s part the infant latched on to her nipple and was sucking hungrily. He stared down at the two as Buffy drifted off to sleep. Giles knew his feelings were growing deeper for Buffy and this little treasure she had brought into the world. They both filled a void in his heart that he didn’t even realize was there until Aria was born.

Gathering the dirty laundry, Giles headed for the basement. As he loaded the washer he thought about last night. When Buffy had entered his room specifically. She had said she wanted to be held; nothing more. Resigned to that fact he went up to the bedroom to check on Aria.

Buffy was sound asleep. Giles thought about lifting Aria out of the bed but thought Buffy would be alarmed if she woke and didn’t see her there. Leaning over Buffy he placed a kiss to Aria’s forehead then paused before placing one to Buffy’s cheek. “Sweet dreams, luv.” He covered the two with a light blanket.

Giles headed back downstairs to begin the chore routine they had established, before they brought Aria home. He started by doing all the quiet jobs like picking up the stray items and putting them where they belong and dusting the living room. 

After a time he heard Buffy moving about upstairs. Giles went to the kitchen to get coffee started and make breakfast. Buffy, with Aria in her arms followed the delicious smell to the kitchen. 

“There’s something we forgot to get.” She stated.

“Oh, what is that?”

“A place to lay Aria when we’re downstairs.”

“Would you like me to take her while you eat?”

Buffy handed off the infant and tore into the sumptuous meal. “These are really good.” She took another bite of the blueberry and lemon crepes then asked, “I was wondering shall we invite the gang over to meet Aria later today?”

“Um … that soon. I thought, it would be just, us for a time.” He said as he patted Aria’s bottom.

“Giles, Aria is doing well, the gang really wants to meet her and actually I want to show her off.”

“I guess; it really isn’t up to me. You are her mum and I’m …” what am I to Aria

“You have a say in this too; after all you are Aria’s …” she almost said daddy. Well why not? Giles loves her as if she were his. She looked into Giles expectant eyes. 

“Giles you are the closest she has to a father. Hell Riley skipped out before the fun even started. All the morning sickness, the bloating, and the backaches the three a.m. craving runs; fighting off the hoard of vampires during ...” she coughed to clear the lump in her throat at the memory of the night she had hemorrhaged. “Not to mention the whole ‘guess what, you get to be a parent ten weeks early’ gig. You’ve put up with my short temper, mood swings and third degree into your past. If anyone deserves the title of ‘Daddy’ it’s you.”

Giles’ eyes misted over. Using his right hand, he removed his glasses and set them on the island then rubbed his eyes to clear them and was totally shocked when she continued.

“Giles I want you to move in with us.” He began to protest. “Here me out before you give me your answer.” He nodded. “I know I’ve all ways loved you in one way or another; during this pregnancy and the weeks after, you’ve shown me more of yourself and your capacity for love than ever before. I believe we have something here that should be nurtured and I’m not just speaking about Aria.”

“D-Don’t misinterpret what I-I am about to say but are you sure. You’ve come through something very trying. I-I don’t want you to, to choose a path that you may regret later. I am several year older …”

“Gee I hadn’t noticed.” She interrupted. “Giles, you are way younger than Angel and yes I understand other people may see this as weird but hell. When isn’t our life weird? I mean I hunt vampires and demons for crying-out-loud.”

“But if you, you find someone more your age.”

“And tell them what, exactly? Sorry honey I can’t go out with you tonight I’m busy with something else oh and you wouldn’t mind watching the baby for me would you? Then explaining the cuts and bruises and why they are healed by the next day. Or better yet, trying to explain why I hang out with you. Hell, Riley knew what I did and he was still jealous of the time I’d spend with you.”

“He was?” Giles had a small smile on his face.

“Yes, and to be honest when I met Olivia, my first thought was ‘who does this person think she is parading around your apartment, half naked and acting like I was some kind of intruder’. I was more than a little miffed that anyone could take your attention away from me.” Buffy began dragging her fork through the dregs of syrup on her plate. “So I guess I was jealous which means my feelings for you run deeper than I thought. What do you think; maybe if we lived together we could be a family?”

Giles stood and walked over to her. “Here,” he said as he placed Aria in her arms. 

Buffy’s heart sank, I blew it. I never should have said anything.

Giles glanced into her eyes and tried to convey his emotions to her. His mind was racing with all the words he wanted to say but his mouth wouldn’t form them. Instead he leaned in toward her and placed a light kiss to her lips. 

He parted to look into her eyes; gauging her reaction. His first thought was, I’m an idiot. She wasn’t ready for this. He watched her slowly, lick her lips then swallow. He looked away sheepishly.

“Giles,” Buffy said breathlessly. “Can you do that again?”

“What?” he raised his eyes to hers?

“Kiss me again … please.”

His lips touched hers; feather light at first then he pressed a little harder. As he felt the positive response to his action he brushed his tongue along her lips begging for entry. As she opened to him his tongue darted in and danced around hers; caressing, and tasting this part of his slayer. He released her just as slowly as he had started.

“I-I take it we are in agreement, in pursuing a-a closer relationship.”

“God yes.”

“Then in light of, of our new found connection might I suggest, we invite our friends over tomorrow; say four o’clock. This will give us one day to ourselves and Aria can have one more day to adjust to our routine.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

To be continued in Getting to Know You

Tags: fic type: multi-part, giles/buffy, rating: pg/frt, z_creator: tld8of9
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