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Meta - The Highly Recomended Reading List

The Highly Recommended Reading List.

When we were down on signups one of the general days was going to be favourite stories, and I had a lot of fun becoming reacquainted with some old friends when I was looking around for the links that I needed. So, anyway, here’s a small selection of what I like, and why I return to read and re-read it. (By the way, if this isn't actually meta, then just tap me on the shoulder)

1) Xenon’s Ripper - Gen, Giles, FR13.


This little series that I stumbled onto a couple of stories out of, then got given the whole site for is one of the pieces that I read for fun, and boy is there enough to go around. It starts when Giles is still at school, and continues through into BtVS, and has some of the best plots I’ve encountered.
2) With Your Crooked Heart – Slash, Giles/Ethan, FRAO


I don’t actually read the last story in this all that often, because every time I do it still makes me bawl. It’s brilliant, and heartbreaking, and it’s about Giles and Ethan finding peace and healing one another, and I adore it to pieces.
3) Playing Dead – Slash, VampGiles/VampEthan, FRAO


Dark, twisted and brilliant. Giles has been turned, and he turns Ethan into a vampire. Of course, nothing’s ever straightforward for a servant of Janus. This thing had me on my toes throughout, and I genuinely loved the conclusion.
4) Old Friends Make The Worst Enemies – Gen, Giles, Tenth Doctor


Giles tracks down the Doctor to talk, after the ‘Year That Never Was’ and they both bring up very important people from their pasts. This was actually written for here a few years ago, but I feel it still deserves the mention.
5) New York – Slash, Het, Giles/Xander, Xander/OFC, FRAO


Giles had been missing for years, and Xander is well clear of Sunnydale, and has been married, divorced, and fathered two wonderful children. When Giles reappears in his life, then It’s only a matter of time before something happens.
6) Of Old Mystics - Slash, Giles/Ethan, FRAO


Had to add it. The list wouldn’t be complete otherwise. I’ve only read this one five or six times, because of the size of it, and everyone that wants to known it probably already does, but I still had to add it. At roughly 568,000 words it’s one of the longest pieces of fan fiction I’ve ever read, and certainly one of the best. The starting point is Giles rescuing Ethan from Nevada, but it covers pretty much everything, before and after (and the authors can write a damned good threesome, too). The only reason this didn’t rank higher is because once I start reading it I can’t stop, and just over half a million words takes up a hell of a long time.
7) Act of Nature


I love this, because it feels so different (I’m not sure that’s the right words, actually, but whatever) It’s Xander/Giles, and starts off in Iona, Scotland. I love the writing, because it paints it as the wild place that it should feel like.
Of course, there are other pieces that I love. I’ve only named some of the older ones here, leaving out those that have come out in the last few years. I just wanted to pay homage to some old, old friends, for the most part. If you get some enjoyment out of them, then all the better.
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