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FIC: One Mistake Changes Everything - Giles&Buffy - FR-T - Classes - 4 of ?

See Prologue for summary and disclaimer.

Chapter 4 - Classes

“Okay every one lets go around the room and introduce ourselves. I’ll start; my name is Mary Carmichael and I have taught the Lamaze method for twenty years.”

Introduction went around the room as the pregnant women and in this case their husbands introduced themselves and gave their due date and why they were there. Eventually it was Buffy’s turn.

“Hello, I’m Buffy and I’m at twenty eight weeks and I just want to learn about what is going to happen and be prepared for it.”

“And who is this gentlemen beside you?”

“Oh he’s Gi … Ru …” Buffy looked over her shoulder and up at him. Using his first name sounded foreign to her; as if he were a stranger.

He could sense he unease, “Everyone calls me Giles.”

“And brings you here?”

“B-because Buffy asked me and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her.” the words tumbled out before he really took the time to think of what he was going to say. His cheeks became tinged with red.

“Alright this question is for everyone in the room. Who here has never held an infant?” She looked amongst the young people; not a hand went up. Then her eyes settled on the older gentleman, His left hand was raised tentatively.

The instructor stared for a moment in disbelief then said, “Giles, you’ve never held an infant?”

“No, never.” He said a little shyly.

“That’s okay, because toward the end of the classes we cover the proper way to pick up, hold and burp a baby and everyone will get a chance to practice with one of our state of the art computerized babies.

“Now what I’d like to cover in today’s class is women’s anatomy and how the fetus develops.” Mrs. Carmichael went over to an easel that had a flip chart on it and turned the top page over. “Here we have…”

When the class was over the people milled about getting to know each other. Swapping stories about how long they have been married and how they told their spouse about the pregnancy.

Giles stood slightly behind Buffy, feeling a little out of place but knowing she needed to be around others who were in the same situation.

“Giles and I have known each other for about,” she glanced back toward him, “what four years now?” he nodded and she turned back toward the group. “And as far as telling him … well, I wasn’t going to but I kind of got sick at his place and he was so concerned I had to tell him I wasn’t ill.”

The conversation moved on to naming the babies. Several were going to name the baby after the father if it was a boy and if a girl; a combination of their mother’s names. “What about you Buffy? What names have you chosen?”

“I-I really haven’t given it much thought.” Looking toward Giles again she asked, “What do you think?”

He removed his glasses and began to polish them, “It, it really isn’t up to me, Buffy.”

“I know but suggestions are always appreciated.” She noticed he was just about at the end of his patience with all the small talk. “We can talk about it later; I’d really like to get something to eat right now.”

They said their good-byes to the group and headed out the door.


As he got in to the car he asked “Would you like dinner out or shall we go to the grocers.”

“How about the best of both worlds.” He knitted his eyebrows in confusion. “We’ll pick up some Chinese food on the way home.”

“Sound like an excellent idea.”

As they waited for their order Buffy asked, “You’ve really, never held an infant before?”

“No, Buffy I haven’t.” Giles could tell she wanted to ask him more about it so to avoid it he asked her, “When was the last time you held a baby?”

“From the age of thirteen until about six months before Merrick found me I used to babysit. I went through the babysitters course through the Red Cross and everything.”

“Oh then you’ll be well prepared for when the baby arrives.”

“I guess.”

There order was ready and soon they were back on their way to Revello Dr.


After a couple of weeks of going to classes with Buffy, Giles now knew more about the internal workings of a woman then he really wanted to know. Today the instructor had a surprise for the class. “Alright everyone get into a relaxed position as we watch a video.”

Buffy had found the most comfortable position was sitting between Giles legs and leaning back against him; with his arms around her. Giles found this arrangement to be a little too intimate around strangers but when Buffy moved into position he obliged.

The lights were dimmed for better viewing and the recording was started. The title appeared on the screen, “Your Child from Conception to Birth”; Giles’ body instantly became ridged. Buffy tried to ease his tension by stroking his arms. The video began with a couple, discretely making love. Then an animation of sperm swimming toward the egg. Buffy didn’t have to see her Watcher’s face to know he was blushing she could feel the heat radiate off of him.

At different parts of the film sounds of agreement or snickering could be heard from the viewers. When they came to the part of the delivery the husband was as supportive as he could be as the pain of delivery increased for the mom to be. The camera angle shifted to the actual delivery of the baby and Giles leaned his forehead against the back Buffy’s head.

“You okay?” she whispered.

“Y-yes.” He answered then sighed, “I have no need to see the pain you will be in or the desire to see someone else’s child being born. It is an experience I only wish to share with you.” He placed a tender kiss to her temple.

As the credits were rolling Mary pressed stop and turned off the machine. “So, I’m sure there are a lot of questions; who’d like to go first?”

The questions ranged from should a woman have no medication during the birth to some needing a c-section. Mary told them what is best for one woman is not always best for another; everyone has their own pain tolerance. Then the discussion went on to different birthing positions; traditional, flat on the back, squatting or water births.

The end of this class couldn’t come soon enough for Giles though Buffy was absorbing all the information, like a sponge. The class ended and as had become their tradition now; on their way to Buffy’s home they stopped for Chinese take away.

Giles woke with a start; he rubbed at his eyes as he heard again what had woken him. It was Buffy and she was calling out to him in a scared sort of voice. If there had been a video recording his movement, it would prove that time and space could be warped; he was at her doorway in no time.

“Giles, I need help!”

“What, what is it?”

“I think … I’m losing the baby?”

To be continued in Ready or Not

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