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FIC: One Mistake Changes Everything - Giles&Buffy - FR-T - New Things - 3 of ?

Chapter 3 – New Things

Buffy’s room looked like a tornado had hit. There were clothes strewn about everywhere. She finally found a dress that was a looser fit for later; when she went out. For now she put on the largest pair of sweat pants she could find and a t-shirt with daisies. Time to do a little shopping I guess. She frowned as she thought about the expense.

On her way down to the kitchen, to get some breakfast, her door bell rang. Who can that be? Upon opening the door she saw a delivery person with a medium sized box at his feet and a clipboard in his hand. After signing for the package the young man offered to carry it into the house for her. She stepped aside and allowed him entry. He set it on the couch; Buffy thanked the retreating delivery person as she saw him to the door. She went back to the living room and peeled the envelope, that was taped to the outside of the box, off and opened it. Inside she found a type written card; it read:

[Please accept this gift as an apology for the inconvenience

my growing self has caused you; by outgrowing your clothes.

See you in about fourteen more weeks.

Love, Little Summers]

Buffy opened the box to find several shirts, dresses and pairs of pants, with the elastic in the front for growing mommy tummies; all in varying sizes. The clothes were vibrant and as in style as they possibly could be for maternity clothes. She wondered who could have sent them when she noticed another card taped at the bottom of the box. This one had a cute little bunny on the cover. Inside was a handwritten note:

[I didn’t know what size for … the other garments you need;

I’ll leave them for you to choose.]

She knew who sent the note by the style it was written in and she gave a little laugh; almost hearing the stutter associated with the words and imagining Giles trying to buy her undergarments. She took her gifts up to her room and put them away. Thinking how she would pay him back for his kind generosity.


She was getting some light house work done when the room began to spin. She made it to the living room and sat heavily on the sofa. Leaning back she rested her head against the cushion and closed her eyes. Whoa, where did that come from? She wondered.

After sitting for a while she began to panic. She still felt dizzy and she hadn’t felt the baby move for quite a while; in fact she couldn’t remember feeling her move all morning.

She picked up the phone that was next to the couch and dialed the Magic Box number. “Giles, I need Giles.” She said into the mouthpiece when Anya answered.

<It’s Buffy, she sounds upset.> Anya’s voice carried over the line, <You don’t have to grab.>

<Buffy, what’s wrong?> Giles’ nervous tone not hard to miss.

Just her watcher’s voice calmed her. “I think there’s wrong I can’t … haven’t felt her move today.” They had taken to using the pronoun her when talking about the baby.

<Are you in any pain?>

“No just dizzy.”

<Have you called Sarah?>

“No, I thought of you first.”

<Alright, I’m on my way but call Sarah’s office in the mean time.>

“Okay.” Buffy heard the click of the disconnect and dialed the OBGYN’s office.


Giles and Buffy waited patiently … well Buffy was sitting quietly; while Giles paced back and forth in the small room they were shown to. “Why hasn’t anyone been in yet?”

“Giles if it were really an emergency I think they’d be here in a heartbeat. Sarah said sometimes the baby sleeps at weird times and that may be what she’s doing now.”

“Yes but all day …?”

“Giles please sit. You’re making me nervous just watching you.”

He pulled a chair up next to her bed and took her right hand into his left. “I’m sorry, luv.” The word came out so naturally he didn’t bother to draw attention to it.

Sarah’s assistant, Kathy came in. “I hear someone’s little one is playing possum. Would you mind lifting your shirt?” she asked as she lowered the sweat pants Buffy had on. She squirted a clear gel onto Buffy’s abdomen then attached a flat paddle using a Velcro strap the paddle was positioned in the optimal spot. The machine that the paddle was attached to began to make the now familiar sound of the baby’s heart as the Doppler picked it up.

Both Giles and Buffy smiled and gave the hand they were holding a squeeze. Kathy handed Buffy a pen type of device. “When you feel your baby move I want you to press the button at the top.”


“Okay I need to know what you have done since you woke this morning.”

“Showered, tried on every outfit I have in my closet, finally found something that fit. Answered the door, it was a delivery guy.” She tugged on Giles’ hand, “Thank you by the way.” Then she continued to recount her day.

Buffy’s recount of the events were recorded and when Sarah entered the room she looked over the notes. “Buffy when was the last time you ate?”

“Um … I had a bagel for breakfast at nine.”

Giles looked as his watch just as Sarah asked, “Is there some reason you haven’t had lunch it is one in the afternoon?”

“No, just haven’t felt hungry.”

Sarah made a motion to her assistant who knew exactly what Sarah wanted. “Okay, one thing you have to do whether you feel like it or not is eat.” Kathy returned with a bottle of apple juice. “Drink this.”

After about thirty minutes Buffy had no problems feeling her baby kick and squirm about. “Wow, she’s mighty active now.”

“I shouldn’t wonder and with a diet the includes several small meals throughout the day you should continue to feel her activity.”

“Rest assured this shant happen again.” Giles piped in.

“Somehow I have a feeling it won’t; take her out for a good lunch and we’ll see you in two weeks.”

“Good bye and thank you.” Giles said to the departing midwife.

Kathy disconnected the Doppler and wiped all the gel off Buffy’s abdomen. “Okay you are cleared for going home. I’m so glad things were fine for you.”

“Thank you Kathy, bye.” Buffy felt a little embarrassed as they left the practice. This all could have been avoided if she had just taken the time to eat something small as a snack but she was so focused of finding something to wear and getting the house straightened.


Giles took Buffy by the elbow and steered her to the sub shop across from the clinic. “Giles …”

“No argument, ‘Little one’ needs to eat.” He ordered a twelve inch vegetable sub and two bottled waters. They sat at one of the many tables in the dining area. He gave half of the sub to Buffy and took a bite of the half he kept. Buffy nibbled but soon she had eaten half of her sandwich.

“Would you like to go shopping when we’ve finished or should I take you home?” Giles asked as he crumpled his sub wrapper.

“Actually, shopping sounds like a great idea. There are so many things I need to pick up like a crib, car-seat, changing table, diaper pail, disposable diapers …”

“You do realize we still have a few weeks before there will be a need for those things. I was thinking of your immediate need for other items of clothing.”


“Y-you caught that.”

“Oh yeah, I did … I don’t mind; after all you’ve been with me through it all.” She paused a moment while she really looked at her watcher then added, “I know there’s still some time but I’d like to get an idea as to what is out there for baby essentials”

“Then finish you sandwich and we’ll be on our way.”


So once again Giles was at the maternity store; only this time he stood around looking very sheepish as Buffy searched for the proper under garments. A sales woman came over to assist, and soon Buffy had several items chosen. As the items were being rung up Giles could see his Slayer was getting a case of sticker shock. When the total was determined he took out his credit card and handed it to the cashier.

“Giles, mom did leave me…”

“I know exactly what your mother left for you.” Buffy gave him a perplexed expression. “J-Joyce wanted to know if Slayers were ever paid for their service by the council. I told her no. She asked for my assistance in setting up the different accounts. To do that I needed to know the amounts of deposits.”

“Oh,” she leaned her head against his arm, “Thank you for the clothes.”

“You’re welcome.”

They walked along the concourse of the mall for a bit looking at the items on display in the various store windows. “Can we go to the furniture store now?”

Giles nodded and they left the mall proper.


They spent a good hour looking at all the different types of cribs, changing tables and dressers and the combination sets that were available. Buffy must have answered the question “So, when are you do?” and “Are you having a boy or a girl?” at least a dozen times. Giles could see she was getting tired and escorted her to the exit.

“But I haven’t decided…”

He held several different brochures before her, “And you can look to your heart’s content in the comfort of your own home … with your feet up.”


“But what Buffy. You’ve been on the go all day, you need to take time for yourself and relax.”

“I know, it’s just … when I get home it - it’s, quiet and well … boring.”

“Would you like me to keep you company for a while?”

“Could you.”

“It is certainly with in my capabilities.” He gave her a smirk knowing his literal use of could and would drove her crazy sometimes.

Buffy punch his arm feebly, “Smart ass.”


He saw Buffy’s body posture go on alert when he pulled up in front of her home. Reaching into his glove compartment he pulled out a large wooden cross and two stakes handing one to her. “I’ll get out first, please wait until I am on your side of the car before getting out. Then we will make a bee line for your door. Is it unlocked?” Buffy shook her head, “Damn, get your keys ready; I will cover you whilst you open the door.”

Buffy did as he said and waited until he was on the same side of the car as she was then opened the car door. Instantly three vamps were rushing them. Giles positioned himself between the vamps and Buffy the large cross held in his outstretched right hand. He walked backward as Buffy advanced to the house.

“Slayer blood is so pungent and in rich supply. Should be enough for all of us.” Said the closest vamp.

“Yeah, and I bet Watcher’s are too bad either.” Said another.

“Well, you shan’t be finding out tonight.” Giles stood his ground as Buffy unlocked the door they both tumbled in.

“We’ll be waiting…” Giles closed the door before the vamp could finish his sentence.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, but you are not leaving here tonight.” Buffy answered.

“We’ll see.”

“No we’ll see about it. They are gonna wait it out until one of us leave plus it wouldn’t surprise me if one of ‘em goes to get friends. Please promise me you’ll stay here tonight.”

Because he could hear the concern in her voice he agreed to stay. Taking her by the arm he led her to the living room. “You have a seat on the couch and relax. Suffice it to say we will not order in, as the delivery person would be in serious peril. I will see what you have available in the kitchen to make for dinner why don’t you call Willow and Xander let them know the situation here and not to come over tonight.”

Giles left the room as Buffy made the phone calls reassuring her friends that she was fine, the baby was fine and Giles was living up to his destiny and watching her closely. Then she settled back into the couch and was soon asleep. Mean while Giles found the ingredients to make Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo; soon everything was simmering nicely.

While clearing the counter to get it ready to set he found Buffy’s prenatal vitamins in a dispenser. She must have set them out this morning but forgot to take them. He shook his head, filled a glass with water and brought the vitamins and glass to where Buffy was still napping on the sofa. He set the items on the coffee table then went back to the kitchen; to finish preparing the supper.


Buffy woke and winced in pain. Her Back had gone into spasm from the position she slept in. She tried to straighten out, “Ow!”

Giles ran into the room, “Buffy, are you alright?”

“Yeah, ‘Little one’ decided to kick me really hard. She’s making up for lost time, I think. Plus, I kind of slept in a bad position and now my back is all stiff.”

“Here let me.” Giles positioned himself to the side of her and gently messaged her neck and across her shoulders. “Hmmm, you are tight. How about after dinner I give you a proper message?”

“You can do that?”

“Yes, I am capable of it.”

“No, what I meant was you know how?”

“It is one of the required lessons as a Watcher. In this way, if the Slayer needed a message they would know how to give one.”

“And you held back this tidbit of information … why?”

“Um … well there was, A-angel then o-other interests of yours and, and …”

“Don’t worry you’re off the hook; as long as you do me tonight.” She didn’t think she had ever seen her Watcher blush as quickly or as deeply as he did at that moment. “Um … I mean … Hey is dinner ready?”

Giles helped her off the couch but wouldn’t meet her eyes. “Giles, it was just a verbal error okay, please don’t go all quiet on me.”

After dishing her some of the pasta, he cleared his throat and nudged some Lamaze class literature toward her, “So when d-do these begin?”

“Actually I called Sarah’s office last week and I should have set this up weeks ago.” He looked over his glasses at her disapprovingly, “But it’s all good. They have afternoon classes on Wednesdays. First one is next week.”

“Isn’t Willow and Tara going away for a week some sort of Wiccan retreat?”

“Yeah, they are. The pamphlets say I should have someone I really trust and well … I’d really like it if you would be my partner … Lamaze partner.”

“M-me?” Giles pointed his left index finger toward himself.

Buffy was looking at her dinner, pushing it around with her fork. “Yes you, silly. Think about it, who knows me better than anyone else, who has been with me through all of this,” she raised her eyes to meet his, “Who is the one person I trust with my life? … Of course it’s you.”

How could he say no to that.

To be continued in Classes

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