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FIC: One Mistake Changes Everything - Giles&Buffy - FR-T - Confirmation - 2a of ?

See Prologue for summary and disclaimer.

Chapter 1 – Confirmation

For the next month Buffy tried to put her situation out of her mind after all it could have been a false positive, happens all the time; didn’t it? She went about her normal routine but when she woke up nauseous for the third day in a row she knew she had to do something.

Willow walked in at the tail end of what she thought was a serious a conversation, Buffy was having, on the phone.

“Okay 10 a.m. tomorrow, not a problem. Good-bye” Buffy hung up the phone.

“What’s happening at 10 a.m.?” Willow asked.

“Oh nothing, just ...” Buffy knew she would have to tell everyone sooner or later; after all this wasn’t something she would be able to hide. She just didn’t want to say anything yet. Picking up a light sweater and her books she headed for, the door. “Nothing ... Well, I’ve got History see ya.”

“Sure Buff, see ya.”

In class Buffy couldn’t focus, her mind kept wandering to what the others might say about her situation, which then led to what her father would say. Though to be honest she really didn’t care what he would say. When her mom passed she made every effort to get in touch with him. He never returned a single call she made. At least her mother had provided for her even in death. There was a hefty life insurance policy that Buffy used to pay off the mortgage with enough left over for college and if budgeted right maybe even a couple of years after that.

Though now she would have a little 'someone' to provide for. This would mean clothes, food, doctor bills, and who knows what other hidden costs are attached to, having and raising a child. She would have to get assistance for some of that stuff cause she didn’t have a ‘conventional job’ ... what was she gonna do about the slaying. How did other Slayers handle this? What am I going to tell Giles? He’s going to be so disappointed in me.

The class ended without her even realizing. The teacher noticed her sitting staring off into the distance.

“Ms. Summers the class is over.” She said as she touched the young adults shoulder.

“What ... oh ... I’m sorry Mrs. Pearlman.”

“You seemed very distant today, is there anything I can help you with?”

“No ... Its, okay, I’m fine.”


Buffy brought her cafeteria tray over to where Willow and Xander were already sitting.

“Hey Xand what brings you to our side of Sunnydale” the blonde asked.

“What there are sides now? I thought this was one happy little community.”

“It is just we’re not use to seeing you here is all. No work today?”

“Boss was really happy with my work with the last project as a bonus he gave me a couple of days off; with pay. Wanted to see if you ladies would like to go out this evening ... say maybe the Bronze for old time sake.”

“Tara and I are up for it; how about you Buffy?”

“Um sure, I’ll check with Ri ...” Buffy began to weep, “... sorry guys I don’t know what’s come over me; I mean Riley’s been gone for what now a month and a half.”

‘It’s, okay Buff, we understand a break-up is never easy; especially if you expected him to be the ‘one’.” Willow’s tone was soft, as she tried to calm her friend down.

“We can watch videos at my place instead?” Xander offered.

“No it’s alright, I want to go.”

“Good it’s settled we’ll meet at the Bronze say 9ish?”

“Sounds good Xan, it will give me a chance to make an early sweep before then I’ll go out again after.”

“Do have training tonight?”

“Nah, Giles is at the Espresso Pump tonight.”

“Oh goodie we could go there after the Bronze.” Excitement in Willow’s voice

“Nope, he asked that we stay clear; makes him more nervous if we show up.”


At the Bronze

The little group sat around the table listening to the new band. Buffy took a sip of her soda after telling them about the three newbie vamps she took care of before arriving. Xander arrived back at the table with a plate of fried chicken wings for the group to share. Everyone dug in except Buffy who wrinkled her nose at the smell; then she quickly put her hand to her mouth.

“Excuse me...” she ran to the ladies and proceeded to empty the contents of her stomach into the toilet.

She hadn’t felt this ill since she had the flu three years ago. I can’t be sick; what will it do to the baby?

Willow entered the room to find Buffy rinsing her mouth.

“You okay?”

“Ya just, I don’t know, maybe too much vamp dust tonight.” she paused then continued, “Listen will you tell the others I decided to go home. I’m kinda beat.”

“Sure Buff, I’ll tell ‘em.” Willow watched as Buffy made her way out of the Bronze. Something isn’t right. I’ve gotta tell Giles.


Drs. Office

“Buffy Summers...? The nurse called.”

Buffy stood and followed her into a small room where her weight, height, and blood pressure were taken. She was handed a cup and shown where the bathroom was; this is just to verify your suspicions the nurse told her. After Buffy did what was needed to be done, in the restroom, she was directed to another room; while waiting for the doctor she was given a medical history form, to fill out.

Looking over the form Buffy felt overwhelmed by the amount of information they wanted. Between the details of her monthly cycle, something she still had trouble disclosing to Giles, what she used for contraception, well Duh I wouldn’t be here if we had used something, any past pregnancies, that’s a no brainer, and allergies, none that I know of.

The form went on to ask about any family history of congenital abnormalities or genetic diseases. Buffy began to weep as she thought I could really use my mother’s help right now.

Buffy changed into the hospital Johnny for the initial exam. While waiting on the exam table there was a light rapping on the door.

“Come in.” Buffy said timidly.

Two women entered the room; the first was the nurse Buffy had met earlier the other introduced herself as Sarah Young CPM when Buffy looked at her quizzically she explained it stood for Certified Professional Midwife.

Before Sarah even started the exam she asked, “Buffy, it seems as though you’re upset about something?”

“It’s these questions, my mom passed away four months ago and well we never talked about this stuff. I guess we thought we’d have time later.”

“That’s all right, they all don’t have to be answered right away; perhaps there’s someone you can ask a sister? If not we’ll just go with what you can provide and just monitor everything closely. How does that sound?”

Buffy nodded and began to feel at ease. Sarah looked the form over carefully.

“Our little test confirmed you are pregnant; so the first thing we’ll do is determine your due date. Now we’ll just count 40 weeks from the start of your last cycle ...” She used a calculator to figure out the date and told Buffy, “...November 30th.”

Buffy gave a slight smile then it began to grow as she rubbed her abdomen; then fade again.

“Buffy, I know this can be an exciting and frightening time in your life. Is there anyone you can talk to about this; friends, family, the father perhaps?”

“No, um, I mean yes I have friends and family but the father is, is - well let’s just say he’s gone. I just haven’t told anyone yet.”

“Everything looks good, here is a prescription for prenatal vitamins and if the morning sickness doesn’t subside call the office and we’ll find something safe for you to take. Do you have any questions for me?”

“A prescription huh, Um, are they expensive? I don’t have any insurance.”

The mid-wife wrote a code number on the script. “Just take this to the campus pharmacy and you’ll be all set. Don’t forget to make your next appointment on your way out.”


Back at the UC Sunnydale’s cafeteria Willow saw Buffy sitting at a table the only thing on her tray were crackers and some cheese. She came over and sat down.

“Hey, I copied my notes from today’s English class. Did everything go well with your not very important meeting this morning?”

“Huh, oh ya everything’s good. Did you say something about English notes?”

“Ya, I did. Are you okay; you seem like you’re a long way from here.”

“I’m all right, just a little tired I guess. I’m gonna go rest before my next class.”

“Okay,” Willow watched as her best friend left. She felt there was something wrong but not sure what to do about it; then it hit her, duh, call Giles.

“I’m telling you Giles, Buffy doesn’t look very well and it isn’t just Riley miss‑age.” Willow informed their ex-librarian on the other end of the line. “She’s been throwing up for a couple of days now and when I do get her to go to the cafeteria she, only nibbles at cheese and crackers.”

<Can you get her to come over later this afternoon?>

“Sure, she said she was gonna take a nap but I’ll think of something. See you, Giles.”

<Later, Willow.>


Willow followed Buffy down the stairs that led to the patio at Giles’ apartment.

“Buffy, wait, slowdown.”

“Will, you told me you haven’t been able to get a hold of Giles all day. He wasn’t at the Magic Box, his car is out front, with a cold engine, so that means he’s in his apartment possibly hurt. I’m not waiting to find that Ethan has done something to him again.”

“But Ethan’s under interrogation by the initiative?”

“Yeah well the day after they took Ethan, Riley told me his guys never made it to Nevada. It took Rayne less than ten minutes to get away from them.”

Buffy tried the doorknob to the apartment and found it, as usual, unlocked.

“Giles!” she yelled as she entered.

“Buffy, there is no need to shout I’m up here.” came, a reply from the railing to the loft.

“Willow said she’s been trying to get a hold of you all day; where have you been!”

Giles glared at Willow who in turn gave him a, ‘I got her here’ grin.

“Well, Giles is here; he’s not hurt and um, well I’ve got homework so I guess, bye.”

Willow quickly skipped out of the apartment leaving the two occupants to talk.

Buffy didn’t even notice her friend leave; as she crossed her arms over her chest and kept staring at her Watcher.

“Well, I’m waiting.”

He made his way down the stairs, “Well, you see I took this occasion to um, to organize some things and I-I became engrossed in what I was doing.”

He knew it was a lame excuse but it was all he could come up with at the time. He saw Buffy physically relax and continued, “I have some grocery shopping to do would you care to join me. We can talk about my absent-mindedness over dinner.”

Buffy smiled and thought grocery shopping; why not ... “sure Giles I’ll help you fill your shelves with all manner of inappropriate food choices.”

Giles gave her a grin, “We’ll see about that.”


Buffy watched as Giles carefully chose the produce he wanted. He would smell or gently squeeze the different items. He bagged some apples, pears, mangos and some assorted vegetables for a salad. They continued to the area where they sold fresh fish.

He pointed to the tilapia fillets, “I would like two please.”

“Tilapia ... do you even know what to do with tilapia, Giles”

“I was planning to make sushi, why?” he said sarcastically.

“What you trying to commit suicide ...”

“Oh yes death by fish ...”

The person behind the fish display, smiled as she wrapped the chosen fish in paper. After attaching the price sticker she handed the package to Giles.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No thank you.” he answered as he set it in the cart. To Buffy, “You will have to wait and see what I prepare but rest assured it will not be served raw.”

Buffy gave a sigh of relief then pushed the cart as they continued their shopping. Giles would read every label before placing an item into the cart; occasionally Buffy would add to the items with her own choice. They rounded the corner and were now in the cereal aisle. Buffy grabbed a box of sugar coated flakes from the cereal shelf and put it in the cart. Giles removed the offending product.

“Giles! It says they’re g-r-r-r-r-eat!”

“Buffy, this is, crap and will do more harm than good. You need to eat healthier foods.”

She looked shocked at him, “How did you know?”

“Know what, it is loaded with processed flakes and sugar.”

“Oh ya, of course they are.”

She looked away not wanting to make eye contact and began pushing the cart down the aisle. Giles stared, watching her Willow was right, something is off, he thought. He then took a few large strides to catch up.

After choosing cookie dough ice-cream for dessert they finished their shopping at the wines were he chose a Sauvignon Blanc to go with the dinner.

To be continued in Confirmation B

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