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FIC: I Was Never Trained for This - FRT

Here is another I found on my computer waiting patiently to be posted.

Rating: FR-C
Subjects: Giles
Summary: Giles thinks on his training and his Slayer.
Time Frame: Very early season 1

Disclaimer: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon. I thank him for letting me play in his ‘yard’. This story is to satisfy the writer in me and for the enjoyment of others and not for profit.

__ I was Never Trained for This __

By T. Dunn

I spent many years studying histories from every country, mythologies from every religion, and even fairy tales and folk tales as they too are grounded in truth. I was taught several languages so I would be able to read ancient texts in their original printing; and how to research even the most miniscule of information.

I have had years of putting my body through hell to condition and prepare to teach what I have learned. Starting with hand-to-hand combat and working my way through the different weapons of the world. I’ve done it all. I excelled so I could be the best mentor/teacher I could be.

I studied all of the previous Watcher’s Diaries and the Slayer’s Handbook. They are both antiquated as far as My Slayer is concerned. In the before time when a potential was located she would go to live with her Watcher. The potential would live a solitary life training for one thing and one thing only to hunt and kill demons. Her Watcher would be her only source of company and she would come to trust in him or her only.

My Slayer was found at her calling; that is why she still lives with her mother.

But … I was never train for this…

When faced with my Slayer asking how I was to prepare her for getting kicked out of school, losing all her friends and having to spend night after night fighting for her life; and never being able to tell anyone because she may endanger their lives. I became silent. What could I say to her? ‘Sorry that’s your lot in life. Suck up and deal.’

She stood before me with such fire and passion for a normal life. She reminded me of someone I once was, a rebellious youth who didn’t want anything to do with the stringent rules of my destiny. However, in her eyes I could see, she wouldn’t shirk her duty. If she had been located at, an earlier age; when she was just a potential; would she still have such a fire?

I’m supposed to quash any association with others. She goes to a public high school; in America, where if a man of my age, so much as looks twice at a teenage girl his morals are called into question.

I have made my decision.

I will throw away the Slayer’s Handbook and only use pertinent information from the Watcher’s Diaries to aid me in training My Slayer. I will not control her. I will not seclude her. I will not treat her as an instrument to fight evil.

I will guide her in the direction she needs to go. I will allow close friendships with others of her age. I will treat her with respect.

I have to trust this will be enough to keep her alive for what else can I do.

I love her with all my heart and soul.

£ The End £

Tags: fic type: drabble, giles only, rating: g/frc, z_creator: tld8of9
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