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FIC: Lost Opportunity - Giles/Joyce - FRC

Rating: FRC
Pairing: Giles/Joyce
Summary: Giles' thoughts after Joyce's funeral.

Disclaimer: This is written for fun only not profit.
I thank Joss Whedon for creating such a rich world with diverse characters that we can study and play

__ Lost Opportunity __

By T. Dunn

Giles sat, drink in hand, listening as the stylus glided in the grooves of the vinyl record. The music that, until today, transported him to a carefree night with a beautiful vivacious woman. Now the strains brought reflection, sadness and a deep feeling of loss.

Jenny, she was so, outgoing and full of life, helping me to open up more and not be a “fuddy-duddy”. She helped me to crack the mold the Council had formed me in. When she died I receded back into the familiar pattern; to guard my heart against such loss again.

Then Ethan had to curse the candy. I researched the spell Ethan used. It lowered inhibitions but there were no components that would cause an attraction. To be honest with myself, it didn’t start with Ethan’s spell.

I was attracted to Joyce since the first time we met; at the hospital after Darla attacked her. But council policy forbade fraternization with the Slayer’s family.

I was touched by her kind offer to talk; after Jenny’s death. She admitted to being nervous. Why would she have been nervous; unless she was attracted to me too?

That night, with Joyce, we shared something primal and rough and sweet all rolled into an erotic experience. The next time we saw each other, all of my insecurities surfaced and I turned away. What I really wanted to do was pull her into a tight embrace and whisper how much I wanted to continue a relationship.

Just last year, after defeating Adam, I had finally worked up the courage to ask her to join us while we watched a movie. But she declined as she had to be at the Gallery early the next day.

As the phonograph needle rode in the end groove of the album; Giles made a silent promise to his lost love.

Joyce, as long as I have breath within me, I will watch over your two treasures as though they were my own.

£ The End £

Tags: fic type: drabble, giles/joyce, rating: g/frc, z_creator: tld8of9
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