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Weekly Roundup

This week we had the final chapters of an epic, images to suit any mood, revisited two mages together a couple of times, read about Giles the vampire in multiple incarnations, saw new ways to look at our Watcher and his slayer, learned more about Giles' past, and had some fic illustrations and expressionist Giles show up at the end!

If you didn't get the chance, take a look at the prolific links below!! Or return for a reread/revisit/rewatch - just let your authors and artists know what you liked!

+ Path (G/Buffy, PG) Part 2, 3, 4 by chevron17
+ Not Hands (Look, Dad) A.K.A. Snapshots of the Changing Days (gen, FR13) by 0_ruthless_0
+ Questions (Giles, Ethan, FR13) by 0_ruthless_0
+ Comfort Chapter 3, 4, 5, (G/Ethan, FR13/15) by 0_ruthless_0
+ Ripper 1.2 Potential for Disaster (FR13/15) by 0_ruthless_0
+ A Barely Controlled Urge (G & B, PG13) by angelus2hot
+ The Last Watcher (G/Ethan, PG13) by shapinglight
+ Magister 2 - The Demon's Legacy, Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b (G/Willow, FRM) by gilescandy
+ A Single Stick of Kindling (gen) by sparrow2000

+ Buffy & Giles Mood Theme (worksafe) by craterdweller
+ Wallpapers (G/Buffy, PG13) by angelus2hot
+ Vid: Giles&Ethan Have History (worksafe) by tld8of9
+ 8 Movie Posters (worksafe) by katekat1010
+ Expressionist Giles (worksafe) by katekat1010

Also, I'm delighted to announce we have a new affiliate: rwsawards! (the Running With Scissors Awards)
RWSA is an award site for Buffy the vampire Slayer and Angel the series fan art and fanfiction. We allow crossovers in all categories with the Supernatural fandom.

They're accepting nominations now for Round 10, so consider nominating if you liked something this summer!

And don't forget to check the calendar to see who is coming up next week!
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