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Weekly Roundup!

This week we had an AWESOME showing of Giles in Haiku (thank you to all who threw their hat into the ring, and to everyone who read/commented on the splendid results), fics about interventions and longing, and the epic continuation to an epic series posted here last year, character studies, missing moments, a surprise visit from another fandom, a whole new TV show, Renaissance Faires, and more! Please take a sec to stop by and show our posters a little encouragement - let 'em know you liked what they did - a little comment goes a long way! :D

Written Words
+ Watcher's Words (5 Haiku) by ljs
+ Haiku Day post (over 30 haiku by our talented members!)
+ The Demon's Slumber (Or 'Intervention') (G/Ethan, FR15) by 0_ruthless_0
+ Burning Man (Giles, G/E, FR13) by 0_ruthless_0
+ Right of Claim 2: Prologue, Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3 (G/Ethan, FRAO) by 0_ruthless_0
+ Ripper: Season 1 Outline, Episode 1, (Gen, FRT) by 0_ruthless_0
+ Unexpected Help (Gen, Crossover, PG) by horrorfangirl
+ My Renfaire Lady (G/Buffy + Anya friendship, FRT) by gileswench
+ Watchers End (Gen, FRT) by il_mio_capitano

Pictures and Graphics
+ Wallpaper: Death (worksafe) by 0_ruthless_0
+ 3 Graphics (worksafe) by wickedfox

And be on the lookout starting tomorrow for things from:
lilithbint, littleotter73, kaymickbee, the_huffster, ripper_repoman, and chevron17! I know I will!
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