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Ripper Season 1 Episode Outline (Prelude to Fic)


AN. My new pet project - This particular bunny bit after I came across this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TZ9SJLMeWs on youtube. The extreme basic outline came all in one hit (and about 30 watches), and when I started playing around with expanding the outline I could picture it a lot easier thinking about these as actual episodes. In reality this is probably a far cry from an actual script, but this is word for word the way I picture it.

So sit back and enjoy season 1 of ‘Ripper’.

Rating: PG/M.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Mild Horror, Supernatural Themes
Season 1 Episode Count: 10
Produced by: 0_Ruthless_0 Studios, funding courtesy of the Summer_of_Giles Entertainment Program 2013

Disclaimer: I only wish it were mine.


1.1) Siren Song: London and freedom call like a siren’s song. In order to understand true power and manipulate it one must first understand that base of what one is playing with, but while Rupert Giles can’t ditch the books completely he’s still striving towards the chance to just be himself. Randal Addams, his best friend since childhood decides to come along for the ride with his mate, and watch his back in the big bad city.

1.2) Potential for Disaster: Philip and Ethan come to London while looking for a solution to a problem that seems like it will be impossible to deal with, and run into Giles and Randal, who are looking to expand the size of their circle, so that they can still cast magic while avoiding detection by the Watcher’s Council. The tables are set: the potential for disaster just went up tenfold.

1.3) Riot: Things heat up in London, and taking part in a riot seems like a good way to loosen some tension after a spell goes awry in an unexpected way. One thing in particular gets a little too close for comfort, and Diedre Page, rebel, fellow rioter and anarchist steps in and throws up a magical shield to protect Ripper and Ethan from getting their heads bashed in. Things develop from there, and her story is told.

1.4) Moonlight Madness: The full moon is a time of power and madness. Randal, in a moment of feeling as though he’s being pushed to the wayside steals one of Ripper’s books and decided to try a spell from it on his own. The result; a freshly created Lysine, close cousin to the werewolf, is set free to prey upon the gang. If they don’t take care of it before the week of the full moon is out, then all who are magically linked to the caster will share the beast’s fate and be cursed to run wild with it forever.

1.5) Gang Warfare: Another gang of semi-competent sorcerers decide to try and move in on Ripper’s patch and push him and his friends out. But their leader, Thomas Sutcliff, is not all that he seems.

1.6) Legacy (Part 1): The legacy of Thomas Sutcliff lingers even as he himself has scarpered from London. The gift that he leaves behind for Rupert’s gang is a ghost that is capable of causing physical harm to any that can touch magic, and possessing those whose names were offered up to it. No prizes for guessing the names it was left with.

1.7) Loop (Part 2): The ghost’s destruction was the end of it, right? Wrong. When it was destroyed the resulting wave of magic released a powerful trigger that was set over a deadly trap. Randal and Ethan are trapped on a ghost train that first crashed two decades ago and left no survivors. As the train begins its yearly race towards destruction the only way to break the lock holding them there is to somehow break the loop that it’s trapped in.

1.8) Deals: Thomas comes slinking back into town. But before Rupert and the gang can destroy him he offers up a deal. Power, and his own fealty to Rupert if he’s prepared to act on the knowledge that he has. Because he knows a spell that Rupert would give his right arm to get a hold of, and he’s not giving it up for nothing.

1.9) The Walker: Once every five hundred years a single vampire is granted the ability to step into the sunlight. But with every gift comes a price that must be paid. The Walker approaches Rupert and his friends with its own plan in mind. For it can see both sides of the war, and it can see that he and his gang will eventually have the power to turn the tides in whatever direction they fancy. As Rupert considers the Walker’s deal the Council amass their elite ranks, the Dominion, for an attack that is supposed to separate the gang for good

1.10) Battlelines: The Watcher’s elite attack force, the Dominion strike at Rupert’s gang as Thomas’s spell falls. With that Rupert decides to make the call to accept the Walker’s deal for power. So the battle lines are drawn and the true fight begins. Of course things are never as straight-forward as they may appear, and a conscious doesn’t always rest easily.

Tags: fic type: gen, fic type: multi-part, rating: pg/frt, z_creator: 0_ruthless_0

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