my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote in summer_of_giles,
my monkied brain

Weekly Roundup

We started off with a bang this week with some awesome works! Look back and you'll find dark-sided and kinky Giles, a couple of stories that reveal a lot about our watcher as a young man, and a couple more that examine constructions of family, a new take on a moment in Season 2, another appearance by Ethan to make everything in Giles' life dangerous, music that plumbs our watcher's soul!

And if you haven't taken a look at 'em, please use this handy guide to check it all out! Also, please drop a note to your author/artist - a little feedback goes a long way!

+ Rewarding (G/Xander) NC-17 by lilithbint
+ Mithridate (G/Buffy) FRT by dracofidus
+ Finding Grace, Part 2 (Gen) FRT by gilescandy
+ Some People Just Aren't That Smart (G/Buffy) PG by horrorfangirl
+ Reminisce (Gen) FRT by will_conqueror1
+ You Watch, But You Don't Observe (G/Other) NC17 by starshine24mc
+ Tickle-scratch (G/OMC) NC17 by callievalpoli

+ Giles Film Noir Movie Posters (worksafe) by katekat1010
+ Ripper - the bad man, the sad man, the magic man (fanmix, worksafe) by harmony033
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