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FANMIX: Ripper - the bad man, the sad man, the magic man, G/FRC

For my first SOG offering, I have a Ripper-inspired fanmix. These songs were released and popular from the time Giles left school and avoided the Council and his destiny, approximately 1970-79, and very possibly would have been ones he would have listened to and enjoyed during that time. I have figured this timeline roughtly from the Giles entry in the Buffy wiki, but I am ignoring specific details it includes, and only refer to the minimal details we get regarding Giles' time as Ripper from the television canon. In other words, I'm ignoring any details brought to light by any comic, S8-9 or otherwise.

Below are images - one cover and two rears with track listings. I have also included detailed liner notes - I really tried to do a lot of research for this, so I hope they are helpful. You can download all the tracks, with images and notes, at this link HERE.

Please note I have marked this as being G/FRC, which the images and text all are. The songs may have some FRT language in them, though, as a heads up.


front cover

back cover

alternate back cover

Ripper: the bad man, the sad man, the magic man

A Fanmix created for Summer of Giles 2013 by Harmony033

1 - Anarchy in the U.K. by Sex Pistols

Released 1976

“Don’t know what I want / I know how to get it / I wanna destroy the passer by / ‘Cause I wanna be anarchy...”

Upon joining with Ethan and company, Giles ceased being Rupert and became Ripper.  His ideologies and morals shifted, as likely did his musical interests.  It is possibly Ripper and the group would have embraced the new punk rock movement hitting the UK in the mid-1970s.  As for any actual anarchy, that was Ethan’s influence.  They may have encouraged, if they were not directly involved with, the IRA’s activities in the Troubles in Northern Ireland at the same time.  It was a perfect scene for chaos...

2 - Are You Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix

Released 1969

“But first, are you experienced? / Have you even been experienced? / Well I have...”

Likely a question Ripper was asked regarding many experiences early on with Ethan and the group.  Was he experienced with women?  With men?  Had he ever been drunk?  Been high?  Cast a spell?  As Ripper developed, these are questions he may have then asked others, bringing them into fold.  Even though it had been a hit well before Ripper’s inception, it creates an excellent soundtrack for magically-induced-drug hazes.

3 - Rip Off by T. Rex

Released 1971

“I’m a social person / I’m the creature in disguise / There’s a man with a whip / on his silver hip / living inside my eyes...”

How did Giles get the nickname Ripper?  From his speedy removal of lingerie?  From his ability to scam people when necessary?  Or could it have been inspired by a popular British-rock song of the time?

4 - Radar Love by Golden Earring

Released 1973

“There’s a voice in my head that drives my heel / It’s my baby callin’ says ‘I need you here’ / And it’s half past four and I’m shifting gear...”

The call and pull of the Slayers to their Watchers may have affected Giles in a number of ways - some that might have encouraged his abandonment of his duty, but could have also helped draw him back to Council.  Who knows what premonitions he may have had in regards to his destiny that may have affected his rebellion and eventual acceptance of his path.

5 - Who Are You by the Who

Released 1978

“Who are you? / I really wanna know....”

After the fatal disaster with Eyghon, Giles may have started to ask himself some tough questions - who was he?  What was he becoming?  Could Rupert and Ripper function together, or would it have to be one or the other?  The best version of Giles would eventually come out of reconciling his “selves” and accepting the dark with the light.

6 - Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Released 1975

“Is this the real life? / Is this just fantasy? / Caught in a landslide / No escape from reality...”

As one of the most unique and exciting songs of the decade, and really, in the history of rock ‘n roll, this song would have caught Giles’ ear.  The story of the man’s fatal error, personal guilt, and eventual descent into Hell may have also struck a close chord with him after Randall’s death.

7 - Golden Years by David Bowie

Released 1975

“Look at that sky, life’s begun / Nights are warm and the days are young / ... Doing all right but you gotta get smart / Wish upon, wish upon, day upon day, I believe oh Lord / I believe all the way...”

Ripper lived every teenager’s fantasy for several years with Ethan - being rebellious, having freedom, and being around friends that enabled his exploration of his dark side.  While the lifestyle is alluring, one is not invincible, and the dreams eventually fade back into reality, full of responsibility and regret.

8 - The Raven by Alan Parsons Project

Released 1976

“There stood a raven / Whose shadow hung above my door / then through the silence / it spoke that one word / that I shall hear forever more...”

This blend of literature and progressive rock would have appealed to Giles’ schooling and literary interests, while remaining cool and not bookish.  The atmospheric tones of the song would have appealed to Ripper’s group of friends, especially when fueled by alcohol, drugs or magic.

9 - Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin

Released 1975

“Then as it was, then again it will be / And through the course may change sometimes / Rivers always reach the sea / Blind stars of fortune...”

Ripper’s return to Council and the acceptance of his destiny may have been driven by guilt and a sense of calling or duty, but his foray into darkness with Ethan may have equally been planned by the Powers That Be.  Ten years weren’t gone, but altered, helping to shape Giles into the man he would need to become.  Additionally, surely Ripper was a Led Zeppelin fan, and was able to attend one of the five sold-out nights they played in London before they kicked off their US tour in 1975.

10 - Heroes by David Bowie

Released 1977

“Though nothing, nothing will keep us together / We can still beat them, forever and ever / Oh, we can be heroes just for one day...”

Ripper knew their gang wasn’t a friendship made to last forever, but they were bonded together by their mutual pain, angst, and attraction to darkness.  To Ripper, Ethan and their friends were his heroes.

Giles might look back and see this song as ironic for the time he found it so popular - a time when he rejected his calling to be a hero, rejected being called to serve a hero, and found himself in a decidedly unheroic state.  But anyone could be a hero - at least for one day.

11 - Magic Man by Heart

Released 1976

“Come on home, girl / He said with a smile / You don’t have to love me yet / Let’s get high awhile / But try to understand / Try to understand / Try try try to understand / I’m a magic man...”

Ripper’s similar sexual fantasy may not have been so fantastical.  He certainly made friends easily, and could woo women, or men, to his bed if he so chose.  His aphrodisiac of choice was a potent blend of alcohol, drugs, and a dash of magic.

12 - Speak to Me/Breathe by Pink Floyd

Released 1973

“Look around and choose your own ground / Long you live and high you fly / Smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry / All you touch and all you see / Is all your life will ever be...”

An excellent song to conjure, shag, or get high by.  Plus, Ripper was a founding member of Pink Floyd!

13 - Magic by Pilot

Released 1974

“It’s magic, you know / Never believe it’s not so...”

A kitschy pop tune that Ripper and the gang would have undoubtedly mocked endlessly - to the point where they actually became fond of it.  The silly tune could have become their unofficial group theme song - a fun little song for relaxed gatherings.

14 - Yesterday’s Hero by the Bay City Rollers

Released 1976

“We don’t want to be a yesterday’s hero / A yesterday’s hero / That’s all we’re gonna be / If we don’t get together / Make a new plan and be constantly better...”

“Bay City Rollers - now that’s music.”  Giles has harbored a not-so secret love for the Bay City Rollers from before his Ripper days, and he couldn’t quite give it up even when so thoroughly removed from his familiar past.  This song may have particularly appealed to him and the group as a mock anthem to fuel their chaos and escapades - on their path to being known.

15 - The End by the Doors

Released 1967, used in Apocalypse Now, released 1979

“This is the end / My only friend, the end / Of all elaborate plans, the end...”

If Giles hadn’t heard the song earlier or ignored it in the 1960s, he would have been drawn to it in when used in Apocalypse Now.  He would have appreciated the confusion and pain and anger in both the song and movie.  After all, “It’s all about the journey, isn’t it?”

Bonus Tracks

16 - Behind Blue Eyes by the Who, performed by Rupert Giles

Released 1971

“No one knows what it’s like / To be the bad man / To be the sad man / Behind blue eyes...”

A song Giles could always relate to as he battled with his past, his destiny, and his difficulty in forgiving himself and moving on with his life.  Taken from “Fear, Itself” episode.

17 - Sweet Transvestite by Richard O’Brien, performed by Rupert Giles

Released 1973

“I’m not much of a man by the light of day / But by night I’m one hell of a lover / I’m just a sweet transvestite...”

As evidenced by the published recording, Ripper must have participated in the early stage showings of the Rocky Horror Show in London.  He made a smashing Dr. Frank-N-Furter!

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