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Welcome to the Summer of Giles 2012 !!!

We're a little late with the signups this year, but YES our favourite Watcher will be having the love lavished on him once again this summer. katekat1010 has produced another fabulous banner for us but due to work/life commitments will handing over the reins to guest curators seldomifever and myself. We're hoping not to disappoint or indeed mess up things too badly (eek) but the whole event depends on YOU. We welcome everyone to sign for some days and share in the Gilesy goodness whether it be fic, vids, graphics or fanmixes. 

We are extending the signup period till end of June but please please please take days as early as you can. We're open to old and new members alike.


Sign Ups start - Now!!!
Sign Ups end - June 30th, 2012

Master List Calendar: Check it out right now, right here!

Posting Begins - June 1st, 2012
Posting Ends - July 31st, 2012


How To Sign UP:

So, you'd like to join and do something (fic, icons, headers, drabbles, vid, meta) for summer_of_giles? YAY! We're happy to have you!

1) Just check out the master list calendar to see which days are open HERE
We are allowing two people to sign-up for every day (so don't be afraid if your day already has a name).
We are also allowing each person to sign up for up to THREE days if you want to. (Just 3 though, please)

2) Comment to this post with the following information:
Preferred posting date:
Do you want a second day: Yes / No
If yes, 2nd Preferred posting date:
Do you want a third day: Yes / No
If yes, 3rd Preferred posting date:
What kind of Giles-y thing will you do?: (graphics/manip/icons? drabble? fic? meta?)

3) You will be notified confirmation of your day. Make sure you join the community (so you can post on your day) and friend it (so you can see updates)!

4) Go, create! Write, draw, icon, vid something, anything about Giles.

5) Post your creation on the day you requested.

6) Feedback other creators, have Gilesy discussions, and bask in the reflected Giles-love!
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