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2 Shippy Vids

This day was free for all, yes? I'm just gonna put couple of shippy vids under this post. Ye have been warned. :|

Title: (AU) Buffy/Giles - I’d Love To Kill You
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Song: "I'd Love To Kill You" by Katie Melua
Rating: Not worksafe

Long story short: Buffy and Giles had an affair, Giles left Sunnydale for her own good (naturally), Giles is forced to come back due to one of those pesky apocalypses, and as soon as he returns, Buffy wants to continue where they left off with their affair.
The trouble is that Buffy can’t let go of her bitterness Giles’ departure caused and is basically set out to hurt Giles the same way he hurt her.
The flashbacks show how they broke up in the first place and give some insight on what was it that prompted Giles to leave in the first place.

Title: Ripper/Faith - “You’re One Of My Kind” (Dedicated to rippertish)
Pairing: Ripper/Faith
Song: “I Need You Tonight” by INXS
Rating: Worksafe...ish?

This video is inspired by rippertish’s fic “Car park Fun” http://rippertish.livejournal.com/4603.html and the conversation the two of us had about Faith and Giles. As you can probably tell, this video does NOT strictly follow the fic because, uh, that would make this video NC-17 and I don’t have those kind of clips, dammit. Also, in the fic you’ll find angst which is pretty much absent in this video since this is more about two kindred spirits, Ripper and Faith, having some fun. Who knew they had so much in common? There’s not that much plot in this video, I just mostly went with the flow and followed the song. ;P

Tags: art rating: nsfw, art: vid, giles/buffy, giles/faith, z_creator: polly1esther
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