August 1st, 2016

giles back

Final Round up Summer of Giles 2016

Well, my lovelies, we have made it to the last round up for this year’s Summer of Giles. Our Watcher has been on quite the ride this summer and he continues to experience all the love this community has for him.

This week in fic, Giles started off on a dangerous adventure to save Jenny in a season 2 AU enlisting Ethan for help and reluctantly accepting help from Xander, then, in the next story he found the beginnings of love with Joyce after performing at The Espresso Pump’s open mic night, next he explored his unrequited love for his Slayer over the seasons and beyond. He found resolution and redemption in the final installment of The Chronicles of Ripper: Guilt. In a suspenseful story, Giles finds himself up on Dartmoor as a child of eleven experiencing his first encounter with the supernatural; and in another story, at the conclusion of Chosen, Giles finds himself tending to Buffy as she begins to suffer the effects of blood loss from the stab wound she received at the hands of a Turok-Han during the final battle. And last but not least, our Watcher sits down to a naughty luncheon with the junior Watcher from season 3.

In art, our lovely and talented artists submitted wallpapers: one of Giles and Buffy, another of a young Giles and Jenny, and the last of Giles and Oz, with Oz following in Giles’ footsteps.

And finally we were treated to a lovely fanvid of Giles and Buffy trying to work it out during season 7.

Please take a moment, to read, view, and watch this week’s offerings and if you have missed anything over the past two months, feel free to check out the round up posts and catch up! And please remember to leave feedback for our contributors. We definitely want to see them back next year!

A thank you post will follow. :)

+ The Final Cut Part 1/4 (Giles, Xander, Ethan FRT) by aadler

+ The Final Cut Part 2/4 (Giles, Xander, Ethan FRT) by aadler

+ Someone (Or The Watcher’s Night Off Continues) (Giles/Joyce FRC) by feliciacraft

+ Slayer and Watcher (Giles/Buffy FRC) by katleept

+ The Chronicles of Ripper: Guilt Part III (Giles, Ethan with references to Giles/Ethan FRT) by will_conqueror1

+ The Dartmoor Incident (Giles, FRT) by littleotter73

+ What’s Next (Giles/Buffy, FRT) by quaggy_mire

+ Lunch (Giles/Wesley, FRAO) by darkheartwalsh

+ Giles/Buffy Wallpaper (Giles/Buffy, SFW) by angelus2hot

+ Young Love (Giles/Jenny, SFW) by emmatheslayer

+ Books Love and More Books (Giles/Oz, SFW) by emmatheslayer

+ We Can Work It Out (Giles, Buffy, FRC) by amyfawlty
giles back

What an Amazing Journey! Thank you!

Wow! What a fantastic two months we’ve had celebrating the life and times of Rupert Giles and I can’t believe Summer of Giles is over! On behalf of il_mio_capitano and myself, I’d like to thank each and every one of you - the creators, the contributors, the readers, viewers, and participants - for raising the bar year after year and keeping Giles in our hearts and minds. This year we had 54 entries over 61 days! You guys rock!

As a new mod, I have learned a bit from my time running things, things I might have learned earlier had I been paying more attention years prior when katekat and il_mio_capitano were running things. One of the things I will do in the future is put back the reminder of who is on deck for the following week at the end of each round up post, so there is less chance of people missing (or almost missing) their dates. And I do apologise for the lack of pretties to pass out at the end of the season. I am no artist, but we will figure out something to commemorate participation next year!

I’d like to thank the comm owner and my co-mod il_mio_capitano for her unwavering support. She’s amazing as always. I’d also like to thank saxnfoos for her beautiful Summer of Giles banners and icons that she created for this year’s SoG. Since I am so art challenged, that was a huge hurdle to overcome and she stepped in as a first time contributor and nailed it! And I personally want to thank you all again for treating me and your fellow fans to so many wonderful works featuring my favourite character in the Buffyverse. You guys rock! So, please come back next year (and bring friends)!

Also, for those of you who haven’t finished your fics, please don’t fret. We will be moving to moderated posting, however, you may continue to post your unfinished SoG stories to their conclusions. We don’t want you to lose your audience and we are anxiously waiting to read the rest.

Until next year!

littleotter73 and il_mio_capitano