July 26th, 2016

giles back

Weekly Roundup #7

Sorry I am late with the round up post. I was away this past weekend and was unable to hop online. As such, I am going to do one that includes everything posted in the last week up until today.

This past week (and a few days) we were treated to a variety of fanfic, fanvids, and fanart!

In fiction, Giles and Xander bonded while going to the mall to get new running shoes for Giles and see a movie, we were treated to a set of haikus exploring Giles’ inner musings during certain episodes, a doctor from the hospital had some insights regarding Giles and his relationships with his friends and his role in Sunnydale, Giles and Willow grapple with their mutual attraction during the events at Lowell House in an AU of Season 4’s Where the Wild Things Are, and we got a glimpse of what happened on Giles’ first day at Sunnydale High.

Two fanvids were submitted this past week, the first is an AU where Giles falls in love with a young student and then leaves Sunnydale for a teaching position at the Watchers Academy to avoid temptation, and the second was a general fanvid exploring Giles and the Scoobies’ adventures in Sunnydale.

In art, we had a wallpaper showing the many faces of Rupert Giles, another wallpaper depicting Giles during Season 4’s Restless, and finally a sketch of season 1 Giles and Buffy.

+ Giles in Five Unexpected Places: The Mall (Giles, Xander FRC) by lycomingst

+ Giles Haikus For the Fun of It (Giles FRC) by saxnfoos

+ The English Patient (Giles, Gen FRC) by punch_kicker15

+ You Make My Heart Sing (Giles/Willow FRT) by punch_kicker15

+ The First Day (Giles, Willow FRT) by horrorfangirl

+ In the Depth of Night (Giles/Willow FRC) by gilescandy

+ Alone Now (Giles, Scoobies FRC) by gilescandy

+ Giles Wallpapers (Giles SFW) by saxnfoos

+ Wallpaper - Restless (Giles SFW) by spikesredqueen

+ Giles the Watcher (Giles, Buffy SFW) by kuwlshadow