July 18th, 2016


Weekly round up #6

It's been a little quiet this week but don't forget to click the links below and show your appreciation for the hard work of the posters. Comments are <3

We've only two full weeks left now!

+ Legacies (Giles/Buffy FRM) by littleotter73

+ The Chronicles of Ripper: Guilt Part II (Giles/Ethan FRT) by will_conqueror1

+ Giles/Joyce Wallpapers (Giles FRT) by angelus2hot

+ Giles Only Banners (Giles FRC) by saxnfoos
Sexy G

Vid: Rupert Giles - In the Depth of the Night (FRC)

This year has been so hetic that I haven't been able to write for you guy, but I do have two videos to share.

The first is for a song that Kaitlyn Sells begged me for over a year ago.  It might have turned out a little darker than she expected, but I hope everyone enjoys it.

In the Depth of the Night
While at Sunnydale High School, Rupert Giles makes the mistake of falling in love with a young student. Knowing he would eventually fall to temptation, he decides to take another job teaching at the Watchers Academy in London. But just because the girl is out of his reach doesn't mean she doesn't still haunt him.

Sexy G

Vid: Alone Now - Giles and the Scoobies (FRC)

This vid was just plain fun to make.  I hope you guys have fun watching it!

(For those of you waiting for updats to stories and series, I'm so sorry I couldn't write.  It's been a year of lows and highs for me.  But I promise nothing has been forgotten!  They will all be continued in the future.  For now, I have to get off of this borrowed internet and go back to moving.)