June 26th, 2016

giles back

Weekly Round Up #3

Hello and welcome to the 3rd weekly round up here at Summer of Giles. This week saw a lot of art for Giles. A glimpse of his Ripper years were featured in a comic. We were treated to two lovely manips reminding us of Giles the Watcher. We were also treated to a set of lovely icons and banners to decorate our social media presences and laptop backgrounds. We were also treated to several lovely fics, one with Giles bonding with his Slayer for early morning research in the wake of an impending apocalypse, another finds him at Sunnydale’s unemployment office in the wake of the destruction of the high school, and finally we find him once again in the company of Ethan Rayne, beneath the Cathedrale de Saint-Lazarre in Paris before things soured between them.

Please continue to leave comments for our contributors. They are loved and appreciated and will encourage the artists and authors to come back and entertain us all next year! And if you missed anything from our previous weeks, please go and check them out. Giles has had a spectacular summer so far!

+ Somewhere Close By (Part 2 of 3) (Giles/Buffy, FRC) by quaggy_mire

+ Evil is As Evil Does (Giles, Gen FRT) by shapinglight

+ Giles In Five Unexpected Places: The Unemployment Office (Giles, Xander, OC FRC) by lycomingst

+ Crossroads (Giles, Ethan FRT) by sparrow2000

+ W.N.K.C.A.O.O.S (Giles, Gen FRT) by shirohime777

+ Sorry to Barge In… (Giles FRC) by nmcil12

+ Giles Promo Manip (Giles FRC) by nmcil12

+ Giles Icons (Giles FRC) by feliciacraft

+ Giles Banners (Giles FRC) by feliciacraft