June 19th, 2016

wish upon a star

Art: W.N.K.C.A.O.O.S

I'm sorry it took so long for me to get this in. I've been really sick so instead of the whole comic, here are the first two pages behind the cut. I'll post the whole thing with the second part and a cover come july when my next day comes around!  Rated teen for some saucy punk language. The title is a bit of a spoiler so its just the abbreviation.
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giles back

Weekly Round Up #2

What another wonderful week here at Summer of Giles!

This week in one fic we got a glimpse of Giles' youth and his road to becoming an active Watcher, and in another, he had to go out and find his Slayer who managed to get herself lost in London after getting frustrasted dealing with retired Watchers from the old guard. In art, Giles and Ethan became one, and he was so worried in a vid. We also got to help Giles save the Scoobies from a haunted house and match his words to the proper episode and then find the episode names in a word search.

What great week! Please remember to leave some love for your creators in the form of comments. They are not only appreciated, but the feeding and caring of them is very important.

+ Somewhere Close By (Part 1 of 3) (Giles/Buffy FRC) by quaggy_mire

+ You Want More and You Want It Fast (Giles/Ethan FRT) by aaronlisa

+ Giles Is So Worried (Giles FRT) by double_dutchess

+ Two Become One (Giles/Ethan FRT) by shirohime777

+ Maze and Word Search (Giles, Gen FRT) by harmony033