June 15th, 2016

Have Tea Will Read

Vid: Giles is so worried

Hello all, it is officially 15 June in my time zone (has been for about 20 minutes :-) so it's my day now, and here's my contribution to this year's Summer of Giles. Prepare for a whole lot of Giles looking worried, rubbing his face and polishing his glasses. It's simple and silly, and the best I could do in the limited time I had to whip this up. I hope you'll enjoy!

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wish upon a star

Art: Two Become One

the two lovers002

Posting this a bit early since I won't have time to get online before work.

I've been reading the INCREDIBLE Of Old Mystics series and all I want to do is draw Ripper and Ethan in their debaucherous heyday. That's Ripper's jacket draped around Ethan's shoulders, and Ethan is about as androgynous as Robin Sachs (RIP <3) was in Vampire Circus. (Pics for reference)

Actually actually based on the actors' heights, Ethan should be a bit taller than Giles but we're gonna let that slide.