June 5th, 2016

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Fanart: Wallpaper - OMWF: Standing in the Way (Giles, Buffy)

Title: OMWF: Standing in the Way
Artist: spikesredqueen
Characters: Giles, Buffy Summers
Size: 1600 x 900
Screencaptures: Bloodqueen
Lyrics used: Standing in the Way - OMWF soundtrack

Click the thumbnail for the full sized image.

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Giles/Anya smile by kathyh
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FIC: The Marcellus Variation (Giles/Anya), Teen

So one more round at Summer of Giles, and it's my posting day in England, so let's go. :) This year I'm playing with a trope I've always wanted to play with: the soul-bond.

FIC TITLE: The Marcellus Variation
PAIRING: Giles/Anya
LENGTH: Approximately 2600 words
RATING: Teen, for language
SUMMARY: We're going AU in Season Six, right around the time of "Life Serial." Just another Magic Box night, but someone's about to try a spell....

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