June 4th, 2016

Fic: The Chronicles of Ripper: Guilt Part 1, FRT, Gen (Giles/Ethan undertones)

Title: The Chronicles of Ripper: Guilt (Part 1)
Author: will_conqueror1
Rating: FRT
Pairing: Giles/Ethan undertones but if you’re uncomfortable with slash it shouldn’t be a problem it's not a romantic fic.
Summary: The second installment in The Chronicles of Ripper. Takes place in 1980, three years after Randall’s death. Giles can’t sleep and he goes to an old friend for help.
Note: It’s not necessary to read the first story in the series, but you can if you want. It can be found here.
A/N: I think this is going to be two parts, I just did not have enough time to finish the whole thing, I only had the idea a week ago. I needed an idea quick and ended up using a random prompt generator, the opening line is what it came up with.  What I posted today should be about half of the fic. I have another posting day coming up in June where I’ll finish up this fic and possibly start another fic. I have three days this year.
Word Count: ~2000 (For this part)

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