June 16th, 2014

giles - gentleman of leasure

Weekly Roundup

Hi Giles!lovers! Come see the pretties and read the pretties and play the pretties again!

And remember, when you leave feedback you help Giles save the world from zombies! (ok, not really, but you may make an author or an artist's day with just a few simple words!)

+ The Arrangment, Part 2 (G/Buffy, FRT) by littleotter73
+ Giles Fic Rec Day come see what fics were recced (and if you notice missing recs, save 'em for the next Giles Fic Rec Day!)
+ Giles Drabble Day (various authors)
+ Wager (G/Faith, FRAO) by callievalpoli
+ Bells and Memories (G/Anya, Teen) by ljs

+ Graphics (Giles, G/Buffy, Worksafe) by wickedfox

+ Your Color (G/Drusilla, G/Jenny, PG13) by rbfvid