August 3rd, 2013

giles - gentleman of leasure

it may be officially over, but our love never dies!

Sadly, summer is always over so FAST! Every year I fantasize about extending posting just *one more week* and every year I remind myself... just because it's over for the moment doesn't mean we all disappear! Besides, this is the time when we all get to take a moment to breathe - no deadlines hanging over our shoulders, to look at all the wonderful stuff WE ALL contributed without worry that we're somewhere running out of time.

Thank you, all, for proving that we can come together and make something amazing for two whole months out of the year. Thank you for being each other's cheerleaders, for providing inspiration and for giving out hugs when the job is done, for every moment of blood, sweat, and tears that shows in all the beautiful things you write and graphic and vid and meta and post to share for our com! Thank you for pumping blood into our dreams of Giles for another year with talent, grace, and awesomeness!

I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating, that this is proof that the people who love this show, and who adore our watcher, are some very fine people indeed. (and yes, this means YOU).

Thank you! Seriously, THANK YOU!

For this, for all your awesomeness, i have below the cut some presents. They are meant for YOU as a thank you. And as a reminder not only of how awesome you are but of how much I appreciate you all being willing to make this summer together.

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Now, I've had a couple of questions about what to do in the meantime until it's time to get ready for next year.

- if you have works you didn't finish during SOG, you can post them here during the year! (Yes, we do switch to moderated posting starting today, but we will allow your fic to be posted. It just had to debut at SOG)
- to keep track of Giles postings not on your flist: giles_watchers
- for Buffy/Giles related stuff during the year: allthejellies
- for Giles/Xander related stuff during the year: gilesxander
- for Giles slash: giles_slash

ok, that was a short list off the top of my head - maybe in the comments to this post people could put up their favorite btvs related / giles related communities?

and again, THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!