July 25th, 2013

FIC: Hatesex Part One of Two (vamp!giles, Spike, Dru, Other Male Char, silly, AU)

Rating: R, for some swearing, talk of sex, and obnoxious, unwelcome and insincere 'seduction'

Author's note: This fic is set in an AU which has more of a nodding acquaintance with the fics of Peasant http://peasant.notanothersite.com/ than anything. The central conceits of this AU are: Angelus was never ensouled and remained with the family until present-day; Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series are television programmes which take considerable artistic licence with the exploits of the Fanged Four (and which are loathed by Angelus and the other older Aurelians), and Rupert is a vampire whose relationship with Angelus is as rocky as Giles's relationship with Angel.

Note that Spike is generally snarky and rude toward his Uncle Rupert-- the author loves Giles in all his permutations and does not share Spike's bratty attitude about him.

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