July 17th, 2013

I must Consult my books.

FIC: One Mistake Changes Everything - Giles&Buffy - FR-T - Prologue 1 of ?

Summary: Buffy is pregnant; Riley has left for S. America; who will be there to help her?

Disclaimer: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon. I thank him for letting me play in his ‘yard’. This story is to satisfy the writer in me and for the enjoyment of others and not for profit.

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I must Consult my books.

FIC: One Mistake Changes Everything - Giles&Buffy - FR-M - Ready or Not - 5 of ?

See Prologue for summary and disclaimer.

Warning: Bumping this chapter to FRM as it deals with the possible loss of an unborn child and some readers may find it difficult to read. Please I don’t mean to offend or make light of a very delicate subject.

There will be more chapters. I have to recreate chapter six as I inadvertently over wrote it.
I know how the story is ending so have no fear it will be completed.

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SOG13 - Fiction - Chapter 1/? Possibilities

Title: Possibilities
Author: comlodge
Charachters: Giles, Dawn, Spike, Xander
Genre: Fiction -
Rating: M - language and mentions of death, violence
Words: 3700
Prompt: For SOG13 summer_of_giles
Disclaimer: Charachters belong to someone cleverer than I. Just having a free for all play with them. The sandbox is big enough for all of us.
Summary: An Au of early S6 BTVS.
A/N: This was intended to be a short Spike/Giles but somehow I needed to set up the scene and things lengthened and then R.L. intervened. Once I reorganise my messy life I intend to continue.

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