July 15th, 2013

giles - gentleman of leasure

Giles Drabble Day!

Hi SOGers! Today I had hoped to have a new set of Giles images for you, but life (and the moving of it) got in the way (I'm sure many of you will understand - life happens and sucks you in when you least expect it to, and i've been without internet for two weeks). ANYWAY. ONTO THE FUN.

Today is our second Giles!Day! And it's Giles Drabbles!! Please consider joining in the fun!

If you've ever heard of a drabble tree -- where each person comments a new drabble to the comment before it, extending a story 100 words at a time -- feel free to grow them in the comments.


Pick a word or a mood or a color that suits your fancy (or suits Giles') and meditate on that. Whatever you like, just make it 100 words, and comment with it below!

Here are some other ideas that might get your creative juices flowing:

Try using "first words generator" here: http://feath.com/idea/firstwords.htm or


Find either noun, verb or adjectives ... or random words, here: http://www.wordgenerator.net

And hopefully my internet problems will be resolved at the end of the evening and i'll be back with a belated feedback list for the last two weeks of our fest! In the meantime, have fun, love Giles, and each other! :)