July 10th, 2013

Giles, by Jo Chen

Welcome Home, Rupert Giles (PG)

Title Welcome Home, Rupert Giles
Author brutti ma buoni
Rating PG
Genre Gen, ghost story, canon compliant
Words 3100
Setting the autumn of 2001, following The Gift. It stretches the time between Bargaining and After Life somewhat, probably to about a week.
Thank you to my flisties rahirah, beer_good_foamy, velvetwhip, gillo, moriwen1, snogged, lutamira. When they heard my distressed meeping over not being able to complete my first fic, they rallied with prompts. The prompts are what is haunting Giles – except Beer Good's, which was 'a spell that can only be broken in an American accent'. That one may have been quite twisted for this, but it is there.

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